10 Best Cities To Visit In Europe

Located in the northern hemisphere, is one such continent that not only occupies the top position in everyone’s travel bucket list but is also home to numerous picturesque cities. Known as the Peninsula of Peninsulas as it is surrounded by the Arctic, Atlantic and the Southern Ocean, Europe is a combination of magnificent architecture, aesthetic restaurants, mouth-watering delicacies, fancy shops, renowned sites with exquisite nightlife. Comprising 44 countries that have their unique flavour, it may get slightly tasking in choosing which ones to visit, which is why the following list will enlighten upon the 10 best cities to visit in Europe. 

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The 10 best cities:

  1. The iconic Rome
  2. The city of light, Paris
  3. The exquisite Istanbul
  4. The magnificent Barcelona
  5. The highly elegant Vienna
  6. The liveliest, Warsaw
  7. The artistic Lisbon
  8. The magical Tallinn
  9. The city of canals, Venice
  10. The party capital, Belgrade
  1. The iconic Rome

Known as the Eternal City, Rome is a location that is not only vehemently rich in its history but also serves as one of the most exciting places in Italy. Being the state capital, every corner of this beautiful city has a story to tell but a narration that is more than 3000 years old is something to look forward to which is why the most iconic Colosseum and the marvellous Vatican Museums serve as top highlights. Indulge in the magic of exquisite art, exemplary landmarks, and mouth-watering delicacies because the city of Rome is a complete package that is a must-visit. 

  1. The city of light, Paris

From the Musée d’Orsay, the most elegant museum, Le Marais, a street encompassing marvellous boutiques, to the iconic Eiffel Tower, the city of lights and love, is all about fantastic archaeological structures, and profound aesthetics. With river Seine flowing throughout, France’s capital, not only possesses picturesque sceneries but also offers flavoursome dishes which must not be left untapped. Soak in the beauty all you can because Paris is a hub of absolute art. 

  1. The exquisite Istanbul

A setting where the East meets the West, renowned formerly as the capital of the Byzantine empire, having a rich heritage is Istanbul’s highlight. With the iconic strait, the Bosphorus dividing Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a mixture of absolute serenity, unfathomable architectural beauty, and wonderful chaos. From the magnificent Hagia Sophia, which reflects the city’s prestige, to the busy streets of Grand Bazaar, not to forget the picturesque view of the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara, the city of Istanbul has an enthralling aura awaiting you. 

  1. The magnificent Barcelona

Recognized as a state excelling in sports, the sunny city of Barcelona also offers a wide variety of aesthetic sites and archaeological structures. With the breathtaking colourful views of Park Guell, the most romantic setting of Barri Gotic, this city of art also comprises iconic sites like  Casa Milà, Casa Batlló and La Sagrada Familia. Not to forget the location of Las Ramblas where it is all about the exquisite markets, restaurants, and epic nightlife. To explore the city of Barcelona is to have explored the true definition of absolute art.

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  1. The highly elegant Vienna

From the narrow streets of Innere Stadt giving away an authentic cultural vibe to royal baroque palaces belonging to the Habsburg era, the city of music not only has rich and grand traditional background but also serves as a torchbearer for quality music which can you witness to your heart’s content at the Vienna State Opera. If top-notch music complementing majestic sites of rich heritage is what you are seeking, then Vienna is the place for you.

  1. The liveliest Warsaw

With the Vistula river running alongside, the revived city is a hub for gorgeous structures and more importantly a torchbearer of motivation. Shattered to bits during the World War two bombings, the city of Warsaw not only rebuilt itself to another level by offering one of the most spectacular sites, but the Old town also has become a hub for trendy nightclubs and bars. Maintaining the vibe of the Communist times, Poland’s capital is one of the most interesting cities to explore and is hands down a must-visit. 

  1. The artistic Lisbon

Where river Tagus merges with the Atlantic Ocean, is the city of seven hills that is also known as the capital of Portugal. Known for yellow tramps riding over the city’s steep concrete streets, Lisbon city is a home to exquisite monumental structures, of which the most famous is Castelo de Sao Jorge which is a magnificent viewpoint that overlooks the entire city of hills. From enthralling music nights to mouth-watering delicacies like Bacalhau, this city, despite being a victim of the 1755 earthquake, not only has risen from ashes but also is an absolute example of aesthetic beauty. 

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  1. The magical Tallinn

Serving as the ultimate highlight is the artistically walled city that not only comprises archaeological structures but also is a torchbearer of rich history. From the Toompea Castle Complex to several other historic sites that came into existence due to the extreme influence of Scandinavia, Russia and Central Europe, located on the Gulf of Finland, is the city of Tallinn. If history complementing magnificent sites is what you are looking for, then head to this fairy-tale city. 

  1. The city of canals, Venice

From St. Mark’s Basilica, Veronese, Doge’s Palace that shines a light on the cultural aspect, the Gallerie dell’Accademia that showcase works of Titian, to Lido, an island solely for experiencing the exquisite beach, the city of canals is well known for its bridge of the barefoot, Ponte degli Scalzi. There strolling and hearing the soothing music of the violin just makes the day. Spread across 118 islands linked by over 400 bridges, is the city of Venice is surrounded by crystal clear waters. Known for its romantic and relaxing aura, this city in Italy is a must-visit.

  1. The party capital, Belgrade

A mixture of majestic architecture and enthralling nightlife is the city positioned at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Formerly known as the capital of Yugoslavia, the city of Belgrade, not only comprises grand fortresses but also holy churches as well as the Temple of Saint Sava. Relax in the peaceful parks located throughout the city or take a stroll around the river banks in the morning because the nights are for taking advantage of the exquisite nightlife that this capital of Serbia offers.

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With cities specializing in exquisite art, magnificent structures, mouth-watering delicacies, it is highly crucial for you to experience the unique flavour of each location to the fullest. So delay no more because Pickyoutrail’s Europe Tour packages are waiting for you to take advantage of this magical continent. 

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