What are the barriers people have to face while opening a Company in USA
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What are the barriers people have to face while opening a Company in USA

Before anyone starts company registration in USA from India business in the US, they will have to face two barriers: financial and organizational.

A financial barrier, because entering a new market, like any business development initiative, always involves expenses. In addition, prices in the US are higher than in India, so the costs of renting an office, hiring employees, paying for accounting and legal services, etc. are much higher than in India. It can be an insurmountable obstacle for young companies.

At the same time, a number of states offer companies particularly favorable tax terms, which attracts investors and businessmen from around the world.

Organizational barrier is related to running a business in a foreign, distant market. First of all, the company must delegate an employee or employees to a foreign branch, which involves the need to move to another continent. Indian entrepreneurs must learn about American law, the tax system or regulations regarding employment and remuneration. The way of doing business, raising capital or concluding contracts is different than in India.

Americans have a good attitude towards Indians. After all, it is a country of immigrants and in the streets we will meet representatives of nationalities from all over the world. In business, trust is extremely important especially when it comes to relationships between people of different nationalities. If we present ourselves as an entrepreneur from India, who expands the activity of his company to the USA, has his office here and employs American employees – we will meet with open recognition and even admiration.

There are two main types of company registration in USA from India. LLC is a company that is easier to organize and manage. It also conducts simpler reporting. There is no need to appoint a management board in them, as the statutes may assume that the owners are the company’s management board. LLC shares are expressed as a percentage and not a nominal number as in Corp. or Inc. On the other hand, joint-stock companies can more easily sell shares and raise capital. 

Interestingly, when setting up a company, you can choose one of two forms of taxation: The first option assumes that income is assigned to the company, as a result of which it pays its tax depending on the income earned. The second option is to transfer all income to shareholders who include it in their private tax returns. 

Companies like USAIndiaCFO support you quickly, competently and reliably in setting up your company in the USA. Based on their many years of experience, they make it easier for you to obtain an EIN number and enter the American market and show you how you can benefit from the advantages of a US corporation.

It is no secret that the United States is increasingly becoming the most popular jurisdiction for the withdrawal and protection of assets. With the establishment of a US company (corporation or LLC) you can not only operate successfully in the US market – but worldwide. 

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