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The state of Karnataka is possibly one of the most progressive, peaceful and prosperous states in the nation if you consider the economic, social as well as cultural perspective. Living in the city of Bangalore, this is the reason it has a lot of advantages because it provides its residents an exciting cocktail of rich heritage, salubrious climate and a cosmopolitan culture along with a society that is multi linguistic, multi religious, multi national in nature, offering its residents a global approach. Bangalore as an educational hub is seen as a place where there are a lot of opportunities for each person who wants to have good education and in the future make a successful career with the help of it. If we see the statistics, more than 65% of the city’s total population comprises migrants who have come from other states or nations and that is an indication how diverse this city’s culture is.

Due to this cool concoction, the schools of this city also require a global, cosmopolitan approach. They have to present the students with a worldview which is unbiased, liberal and that believes that education is the one that brings forth a better world to the students to attain it. Although the number of schools in Bangalore are really high, there are only a handful of them which follow these ideas that transform a school into a seat of knowledge.

This article is going to feature a list of only those schools which are not only excelling in academics but also are trying to create a difference with their different approach to education.

The Global Indian International School, Bangalore

Founded in the year of 2013 the Global Indian International School, Bangalore intends to develop and nurture global students so that they become men and women of cosmopolitan worldview. These students will not only have a global outlook of life but we will also have the capability of becoming leaders of repute who will be ruling the world with a steadfast, dedicated spirit of excellence. The aim is to impart high quality education by a faculty which is not only highly experienced and skilled but also empathetic so that a strong value system is built in a child. Teachers also try to inculcate the importance of virtues in a child while highlighting on the wholesome, holistic and all round development which will enhance their entrepreneurship skills as well as creative instincts. 

The Global Indian International School has a set of beliefs and core values, which is infused in everything that is done in this school and that sets it aside from other schools of the same category and that is the reason it is preferred by many parents in the time of school admissions in Bangalore.

They believe in the management of information as well as metrics and incorporation of adaptability and the importance of agility is also introduced. The practices of this school are seeped into integrity and honesty and these are extremely ethical practices. They put forth an attitude before knowledge and boast of coaching and mentoring to make a difference. They also ensure that the significance of teamwork is inculcated in a child in an ambience that is set up for learning.

While the school admission process in Bangalore is a very challenging one, the Global Indian International School ensures that, in their school, it is a very smooth process and it provides education at a cost that is very competitive in comparison to other Bangalore schools’ fees.

Not only is the fee structure very competitive for a school of such repute because in general Bangalore school fees are pretty high, and also the process of school admissions in Bangalore in their campuses is very transparent. 

Primus Public School

The objective of the finest public school is to maintain a campus that would be without fear, where each student has the right to information. The students of the school are taught to be aware of the rules as well as the consequences of their actions and accordingly they are inculcated with the sensibility to choose the correct conduct and responsibly act upon it. The school understands that in any nation the most important policy of each citizen should be democracy and they exercise the same concept of democracy in their students as well, where they are provided with an environment where they can evolve into responsible as well as fearless individuals. The school believes that self esteem should be inculcated in children at a very early age so that their self esteem grows properly and their character is ingrained with courage and honesty.

The Primus public school understands the importance of excellence and that is the reason it is the unequivocal benchmark of its performance. The school understands that pursuing excellence is a way of life and an attitude which a person must carry all through their lives and that is the reason it has to be cultivated right from childhood, in all the fields a child is involved in. Be it in academics or extracurricular activities, a huge project or a small class work, excellence should be the driving force of all the students of the Primus public school. 

This school believes in the importance of fearless, frank and open discussions and listening to both negative and positive feedback with equanimity as well as openness, hence a foundation is built which is approachable by every student and their parents.

At Primus, each staff of the management and the administrators believe in an open door policy where each student or parent is always welcome to walk right into the office of the concerned management representative or the staff member.

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