A quick overview of the French bulldog

The French bulldog is a popular pet dog. It has an atypical morphology, both powerful and compact, much appreciated by the owners of “boule”. If you have one, you are certainly keen to take good care of it and in particular to choose a good diet. Let’s see how to help each other!

How to choose croquettes adapted to the needs and specifics of your French bulldog?

As with all other dogs, it is important to choose a diet that is appropriate to your dog’s needs and physiology. The croquettes must bring him all the elements he needs. Be sure to choose kibbles that correspond to its physiological stage and age: a puppy does not have the same needs as an adult, who should not receive the same nutrition as a senior dog or a pregnant female.

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It is then necessary to look at the peculiarities of the breed in order to choose one’s diet. Since the French bulldog is predisposed to joint problems, be sure to bring enough fatty acids (including omega 3), as well as essential elements for the formation of cartilage such as glucosamine or chondroid. On the other hand, a protein intake helps to maintain its muscle mass, which is very developed and therefore subject to risk.

We have several recipes that adapt to the sizes of small, medium and large breeds. The size corresponding to the medium and large breeds (MGR) will suit perfectly the jaw of a French bulldog.

How to manage the weight of a French bulldog fed with croquettes?

The weight of your French bulldog is a parameter to watch closely. Indeed, this dog can not necessarily do a lot of sport because of his breathing problems and is also threatened by joint problems. It is therefore necessary to ensure that its weight remains within the standards in order to avoid health concerns.

It is therefore recommended to weigh your dog regularly to check if he tends to gain weight. You can go to your treating vet to do a weigh-in: veterinary clinics have a scale available free of charge in the waiting room, and it’s also an opportunity to get your dog used to going to the vet without making a negative experience! You can also use the scale you have at home, calculating the difference in weight between the one you make carrying your dog in your arms and the one you do alone.

At the time of registration on our website, we give the opportunity to provide a large amount of information, such as age, gender, or weight, to determine the recipe and the precise amount that will best suit your dog. If you don’t know what its exact weight is, keep in mind that an adult French bulldog weigh between 8 and 14 kilograms, then varying depending on the size of the individual. In case you know the breeder, who is causing the litter, you can ask the parent for the weight of the parents to get an idea.

Sometimes the croquettes given to a French bulldog are not enough to satisfy him, even with a good amount in his bowl. To solve this problem, it is enough to fill his stomach more so that he feels full. To do this, you can moisten the croquettes to increase the volume ingested; this can increase or decrease the appetite of the ration, varying according to the tastes of each individual. You can also give it foods with little energy but a lot of fibre and water, such as cooked zucchini for example.

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