Accelerate Business Growth with Amazing Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing has put the power firmly and surely in the hands of creative and diligent marketers to take their business into the next league. No longer running after expensive TV studios or wasting marketing dollars in low-ROI newspaper ads. With social media and some smart marketing chops, the marketing arena is literally your oyster. Additionally, if you use a good social media advertising tool to aid you, you can take your marketing ROI even higher!

Never before could marketers reach such a large number of targeted and “hot” audiences at such low costs. Social media marketing has levelled the marketing playing field into a perfectly flat plain. With social media, your skills and passion are the drivers of marketing success; not the size of your bank balance!

Advertising your brand through social networks has multiple benefits for your business. Let’s look at a few of those:

  1. Brand Awareness:

Facebook and Instagram both have a variety of goals that you can choose from for running advertisement campaigns on their platform. One of the available campaign goals is Brand Awareness.

The best part is that each of these social media networks has extensive audience creation and selection options. You can choose to show your ads only to the audience that you are interested in. No wasting marketing dollars in showing an automobile servicing ad to a guy who uses a bike to ride around town!

You can also increase Brand Awareness by boosting your well-performing organic posts on social media. This way you can get many more eye-balls on the content that is already performing well.

2.    Brand Loyalty:

It is much costlier to onboard a new customer than to gain repeat sales from your old customers. Upselling and cross-selling to those who already trust your brand can be a much more efficient way to grow sales than to target fresh audience.

Social Media advertising lets you do precisely that with the advanced Retargeting and other features built in these platforms. With their detailed analytics tools, you can get an accurate picture of who is responding to your messages and who is not. You can then show your next advertisements only to these “hot” audience.

3.    Cut Down Marketing Costs

Sending effective ads that actually convert is way more affordable on social media than on the traditional channels like newspapers or Television. Television is almost always too pricy for small and medium businesses. Newspapers are cheaper, but still cannot match the reach of social media for the same ad spend.

4.    Higher Ranks in SERP and Increased Traffic to Your Website

Also, in the calls-to-action in your social media advertisements, you can link back to your website and bring new visitors to your site. This is a strategy particularly suitable for ecommerce advertising and many new e-retailers on a budget can compete with the bigger brands through this. Social Media is the great leveler of our times. Your entrepreneurial dreams are no longer stifled behind tall barriers erected by self-proclaimed self-serving gatekeepers. Reach out to the world with your passion for social media advertising and ride the fast train to business glory!

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