Best Exercises to Gain Weight for Men


Overall 5-10% men are suffering from being underweight in the world. If you are one of them, then you surely try so many diet plans, medicines to gain weight but in the end you do not get any results. The one of the major reasons behind your failure is you do not maintain the diet plan or you didn’t do any workouts or your appetite is very poor. For getting a muscle mass body you have to do some daily workouts with proper high calorie foods to put on weight. In this article we will show you some effective exercises to gain weight.

Exercises for building up muscle mass for men:

Male and female bodies distribute muscle and store fat differently. So do your workouts according to your body type and strength:

1. Pushups:

It is a simple and muscle building workout of your shoulders and arms. To do this:

  • Lie down on the floor.
  • Put your hands on the floor, palms flat and your hands should be on the sides of your shoulder width.
  • Then push your entire body up waiting for the arms to fully extend. By keeping your legs and back straight and making a straight line then slowly back yourself down.
  • Repeat this as much as you want.

2. Pull-ups:

For doing this you need a sturdy cylindrical substance or pull-up bar. It helps to build your shoulder and arm muscles.

  • Hold the bar with your hands and your palms must face away behind you. Your hands should be shoulder width separately.
  • Pull up yourself to hang the bar off so that arms are straight and feet do not touch the ground.
  • Continue this until the chin is over the bar.
  • Then down yourself and repeat this as much as you want.

3. Lunges:

This exercise is done everywhere and it is a great choice for toning and bulking up legs, butt muscles.

  • Clown straight and flex your stomach muscles.
  • Extend your one leg resembling stepping, and then lean ahead like you are kneeling till the knees are straight.
  • Push returns in your heel to boost yourself back up to your preliminary position.
  • Repeat this as per your comfort and repeat for the other leg.

4. Squats:

It helps to build muscle of your legs and butt especially quadriceps femoris muscles.

  • Stand up and put your feet at hips width apart.
  • Put hands on the hips then flex abdominal muscles
  • Sit down and keep your thighs parallel with the ground and then raise back yourself.
  • Repeat this as much as you want.

Other exercises:

You can also do bench press and overhead press. For doing bench press, you will need any flat bench and any weighted bar. It helps to build shoulder, chest muscle and triceps. It is the best exercise to bulk up. As much as you bench, you build more muscle.

For doing overhead press you need a weighted bar and it helps to bulk up muscles of your shoulders, back, arms, legs and abs.

Workouts to avoid:

For gaining weight, decrease cardio and aerobic sporting events. These are supposed to burn fats plus tone muscle, now no longer bulk you up. However, you shouldn’t keep away from them entirely, though. You can do those sporting events moderately for toning your muscles. It will assist you construct definition so you can reap the appearance which you want.


With a proper diet chart if you do these exercises daily we will surely get results in just one month.

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