Best & Top Digital Technologies Transforming Contact Center Customer Service

The common and traditional call centers are not into business anymore. Due to the digital gadgets, technological transformation, and advanced tools, traditional call centers are not that effective anymore and they need to update themselves digitally to provide excellent customer service.

Technology has moved with a fast pace in last 15 years and this has made everything go under a huge change. This same advancement brought call centers towards contact centers and now they are in demand!

-It requires almost the cost of $600 billion each year to pitch the 270 billion calls that are made yearly to the world’s customer contact centers.

As per the observations, any technology that hits the market, businesses try to make its optimum usage to increase the quality of their customer service. Including the digital transformations, contact centers are changing their way of operations and are expecting to see an improved customer service.

The consumer of today’s era always wants to stay in touch with the business each time, via any platform andfrom every corner of the world.

The demands of customers are changing frequently and so as the trends of contact centers. We can take a solid example of cheap essay writing service 6$. Brands have to look at their strategies and technologies via the eyes of customers and have to plan their next action accordingly.

Providing incredible customer service is the main target of every contact centers. Shaping along with the demands of the organization is indeed tricky. Contact centers are highly recommended to implement digital technologies in their businesses to provide efficient customer service.

I have outlined 15 top and best digital technologies for the contact centers so they could provide competent and significant customer service. Let’s have a look.

ACD- Automatic Call Distributor:

ACD is another telephony system that must be implemented by the contact centers. It would recognizes, answers and directs the calls to the primary terminal. It would turn out as an amazing help to the contact centers and the call would reach the terminal before it could be answered.

CTI- Computer Telephony Integration:

CTI is a technology that connects the telephones and computers together. Implementing CTI in contact centers would enable the computers to manage all the telephone calls. This will provide contact centers with better efficiency and result. It is a time-saving technology for both the ends.

IVR- Interactive Voice Response:

This digital technology involves the automated phone system. It would allow the callers to access the primary data without talking to the certain person. The IVR systems have different speech recognition levels based on their natural language processing. Callers can enter their choice of info with their phones and can speak those credentials as well.

Intelligent Call Back:

Another digital technology that could be used by the contact centers is the intelligent call-back. This feature would allow the caller to select the call-back and he would not have to wait in a long queue over the phone. The agent would call him back as soon as he could to impress his client.


If you want to avail any custom essay writing service online or want any intelligent call-back, you pocket size computer- smartphone is all enough to solve your problem. Contact centers are also offering visual IVR interfaces and other solutions for their customers via smartphones.

Universal Queuing:

The universal queuing is the process of holding all the customers in the same waiting list regardless of their platforms. The mediums may vary from phone, email, live chat, social media etc. It would increase the efficiency during the interaction and would increase the consistency.

Call Recording Systems:

Call recording system in the contact centers is the best way to keep the customer interaction safe for the future. These call recording systems can also record the other chats and email sessions which would help the supervisor of contact center to intercept an off-script.

CMS- Campaign Management System:

Contact centers are known for their excellent customer services. They must use CMS software to enhance their work productivity. This software will help them in the provision of the contact list and the agents would be able to reach the right person via right information.

Voice Biometrics:

One of the most leading technologies of today’s world is the voice recognition. It is an authentic and reliable way to identify a person’s identity because it stays original and can never be copied. It would help to prevent the scams, frauds and would save time and money for both the parties.

CRM- Customer Relationship Management:

CRM software would help the contact centers to avail the complete information and personal data of the customer. This technology is also helpful enough to document the customer’s interaction. CRM also manages the issues transparently and helps to solve them efficiently.

WFM- Workforce Management Software:

The software of WFM helps the contact centers to predict the volume of interaction among digital channel. With the help of WFM, maximum number of contact centers agents can be hired to increase the work productivity.

Interactive Video:

Contact centers are also recommended to embed interactive videos in their businesses to drag more customers. Brands can use the technology to play videos for their promotions, entertainment and advertisement while the clients are waiting on hold.

Predictive Dialer:

The predictive dialer is simply a time-saver technology for the agent. It is the powerful technology across all the mediums and detects the customer’s choice channel. This technology is also helpful enough to deliver proactive outreach if there is a sudden urgency.

Administration Console:

The Administration Console is a web application to help the contact centers to deal with their server. It is specifically designed for the staff members of contact center to manage a server.

QM- Quality Management:

Quality Management- QM is an application designed for the managers of contact centers to have a complete look over the performance of the employees. This application is the best technology to enhance the efficiency of workers.


The aforementioned best and top15 digital technologies are proven to help in transforming the contact center. These technologies collectively would help to give best customer service to the clients and your company would set up for long-term success.

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