Difference between E-Cig and Vaporizers.


E-Cigs were innovated as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because they eliminated some ingredients that can be toxic, including tobacco. The innovation of E-Cigs led to the creation of vaporizers that are not only safer than smoking but also more gratifying and enjoyable to use.

Introduction to E-Cigs.

The history of E-Cigs dates back to 1963 when Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for his first electronic cigarette. However, during this period the people were much used to traditional cigarettes and never developed an interest in this innovation.  In 2003 Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, decided to develop Herbert’s innovation. He released the first alternative to smoking (E-cig) in 2006. Hon Lik did his best to mimic the experience of using a traditional cigarette. Even modern E-cigs identically look and feel like a traditional cigarette. Being a tobacco smoker throughout his life, Hon Lik wanted to create a better and less harmful alternative for tobacco smokers.

Vaporizers becoming a huge trend

Statistics show that many traditional cigarette smokers have shifted to using wax vaporizers. According to several news sources, the number of people using vaporizers as a way to cease smoking is overwhelming. 

E-cigs Vs Vaporizers; what is the difference?

Many people find it hard when telling the differences between an E-Cig and a vaporizer. Both devices feature rechargeable batteries, are smokeless, offer throat hits, and eliminate the usage of tobacco. With either an E-Cig and a vaporizer you can choose to take some nicotine. However, nicotine is not a standard ingredient in both devices and you can have a nicotine-free E-Cig/ vaporizer.

Some of the distinguishable features and offering between an E-Cig and a portable vaporizer include:

  1. Flavor

Unlike vaporizers, which feature a wide array of vape juice flavors, E-cigs are restricted to tobacco or menthol flavoring. This restriction makes the E-cig feel and taste like a regular cigarette. 

  1. Nicotine-levels.

The nicotine levels are more controlled via a vaporizer than via an E-cig. Additionally, few E-cigs are nicotine-free, while most vape juices for vaporizers are filled with nicotine. 

  1. Rechargeable and not rechargeable.

Most E-cigs are not rechargeable while vaporizers usually come with rechargeable batteries. 

  1. Refillable. 

You can refill a CBD vape cartridge with the vape juice and reuse the device. Even vaporizers that are labeled as disposable can get refilled and reused a few more times until they start creating burnt hits.

On the other hand, an E-Cig needs a new cartridge once it gets exhausted.

  1. Customization.

Vaporizers offer you the ability to choose your ideal kind of flavor and vaping style. Contrarily, an E-cig does not have a much-customized experience. 

  1. Automatic.

Original E-Cigs featured a button that the user had to push each time he or she inhaled. A majority of modern vaporizers activate automatically when the user inhales. 

Vaporizers vary in terms of the mode of operation. Most vaporizers are activated by pressing a power button and they require the user to press the power button when inhaling. Some vaporizers are draw-activated meaning that they activate automatically when one pulls a hit or a draw via the mouthpiece. 

  1. The number of parts

Vaporizers have three major parts that are a battery, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. All three parts are attached via either threading (usually the universal 510-threading) or using magnetic connection technology. 

In contrast, an E-Cig is usually a solid unit that the user can neither separate/ take apart nor modify. 

  1. Manufacturers.

E-cigs exist in a wide range of brands because the manufacturers are incredibly many. On the contrary, manufacturers of E-Cigs are typical huge tobacco companies.

  1. Ready for use

Usually, an E-Cig is ready for use immediately after purchase. Vaporizers require a few minutes the set them up and get ready for use.

Where can I buy an E-Cig or a vaporizer?

If you need a quick fix without any focus on the flavor, you should go to the nearest gas station or convenience store and get your E-Cig. Alternatively, you can order an E-Cig online.

On the other hand, if you prefer having the ability to customize your experience, you should look for a vaporizer store near you and get your ideal vaporizer. However, most vaporizers are sold in online vape stores. In these online stores, you get the best description of the product and its ratings/ reviews from previous buyers. Also, a wider range of different kinds/ brands of vaporizers is sold online, which offers you more options from which you can choose your ideal kind of vaporizer. Consequently, it is easier to get a high-quality vaporizer from an online store. 

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