Do Maria B ship clothes to UK?

Bringing bold and chic options to women of all ages, Maria B is one of the most fun and modern brands when it comes to Pakistani clothing for women. With a constantly updating roster of designs for everyday wear, unstitched fabrics, couture outfits and wedding options, Maria B is one of the most popular choices for modern Pakistani women and, as such, is popular worldwide, but finding their pieces in the UK can sometimes seem more difficult than it should be.

So, do Maria B ship clothes to the UK and, if so, where can you find them?

Maria B sale in London

To offer a short answer: yes, Maria B does ship clothes to the UK, including through a select few trusted retailers to carry their clothes for them.

Should you be based in London, then you don’t have to look very far at all to find not only a wide selection of Maria B outfits but also to find them on sale for great prices. House of Faiza is a Pakistani women’s fashion store that is based in London. You can find us in Soho Square, right by the gardens, to the left of the turn-in at Sutton Row. In our store, we carry a wide range of Maria B designs of all different types, including casual wear and bridal.

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Check out our online store

If you’re not based in London or you don’t want to make the trip out to the store, you don’t have to fear. Our range of products is available across the entirety of the UK. We carry a wide range of Maria B clothes online, many of them to be found in our Maria B sale. Take a closer look at the website, which allows you to sort by budget, by brand, and even by size to make sure you can more easily find the outfit best suited to your needs.

The House of Faiza website is always updating with the latest releases, so be sure to keep checking for new Maria B designs, too.

The appeal of Maria B

Called the “Coco Chanel of Pakistan” by some, Maria B, the founder of the fashion label that bears her name, has been widely praised for making Pakistani women’s fashion accessible, fun, and exciting. This is done in part by th constantly changing nature of her designs, making sure that while keeping some traditional roots, the outfits never stay rooted in any one aspect for too long.

After having exploded in popularity in Pakistan, Maria B has started to spread across the globe, including to the UK, where we at House of Faiza are glad to carry her designs.

Browse our Maria B collection today

If you want to keep up with the latest in modern Pakistani women’s fashion, then Maria B might be the brand for you. At House of Faiza, we have a Maria B sale on offer, so why don’t you visit our site at to learn more and see for yourself?

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