Great places of Chicago for a lovely family outing


There are many places in Chicago that you never want to miss at any cost. In this big town, you may hit upon stunning beaches, huge buildings, museums, parks, and many other things to do. Undoubtedly, Chicago is seen as one of the best places for sightseeing in the United States. As there is a lot to witness during the Mumbai to Chicago trip, many may get puzzled about where to start or which place is worth visiting. Through this piece of writing, you can get an idea about some Chicago attractions. Have a look at some of the great tourist sites to see in Chicago:

1.  Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a great attention-grabbing amusement park that would keep both kids and adults busy. Along with the background of Michigan Lake, Navy Pier provides many fantastic activities to get pleasure.

The first quick look on the Navy Pier illustrates the magnificent Ferris Wheel. Besides swing-seat ride, Ferris Wheel, and carousel, kids will also get to enjoy the Funhouse Maze and travel around the Chicago Children’s Museum. The adults coming to Navy Pier can have fun at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, beer garden, and ballroom. They can even take part in various water activities on the lake.

2.  Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach is ideal for observing how dogs respond to the beach for the first occasion. It is a less crowded dog beach in Chicago as compared to others. Located only at a walking distance from Wrigley, the beach is full of spaces for splashing in the waters, playing around, and taking a sunbath. Belmont Harbor Dog Beach is about 0.15-acre in size and stays clean all the time. Bring your pets here for having a lovely outing with them too.

3.  Oak Street Beach

Chicago’s Oak Street Beach is one of the beloved places to get a tan. The combination of crystal clear waters and white sandy beach makes this beach resemble the Caribbean.

Oak Street Beach frequently hosts volleyball matches during the summer. You can enjoy a range of beach services which includes renting bikes or chairs. What is more, you can partake in water sports such as swimming and kayaking. Located on the beach, the Oak Street Beach Cafe offers flavoursome dishes such as chicken tenders, slipper tail lobster, and wings on fire.

4.  Foster Beach

Owing to its eye-catching location, this Beach in Chicago draws many tourists.Those who go to the beach area are chiefly involved in planning picnics, family get-together, reunion with friends, and more.

There is a path down the beach that can take you to the hill, which is an excellent place to loosen up and view the exquisiteness of Chicago. Annually, the beach hosts an event called Chicago Full Moon Jam. This event gets several flame dancers, bands and also hosts many amusing activities.

5.  Art Institute of Chicago

The structure got erected in 1879. It is one of the country’s biggest and oldest museums. Following the Great Chicago Fire in 1887, the Museum was reopened, with a restored building intended by John Wellborn Root. Inside the Art Institute, you can see lots of artefacts ranging from paintings, attractive arts, sculptures design, and photography from the various eras of human evolution. The institute is also home to masterworks like Grant Wood’s American Gothic, Mary Cassatt’s The Child’s Bath, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, and works of artists like Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Van Gogh.

6.  Robie House

Robie House is only a 20-minutes drive to the south of the center. It displays many outstanding and exclusively American structural designs. Currently a National Historic Site, it is situated on the University of Chicago campus with tours through which you can witness its gorgeous interior.

Intended by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the stunning building was built in 1909 and is one of the most exemplary instances of Prairie-style structural design. Flawlessly complementing the noticeably horizontal lines and sharp angles of its exterior are the excellent furniture, coloured art-glass windows, and period pieces that laze inside.

7.  The 606

A long time ago, The 606 was an important railway line.  The Bloomington Line, at the moment in its place, makes the spine of The 606.

Only 4 kilometres in length, it is an enjoyable and scenic site to stroll, sprint, or cycle along, joining many parks and pieces of the northwest side of Chicago collectively.

After being deserted and infested with weeds, the over hundred-year-old railway track was at last changed into a greenway in 2015. Today, beautiful shrubs, flowerbeds, and trees queue its cemented trail with impressive outlooks that could be seen during your Mumbai to Chicago tour.

8.  Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is a habitat for a range of wild animals. The zoo is located only a short drive to the north of the center in the expansive park of the alike name. A much-loved site among the locals and vacationers, it has innumerable displays and areas for you to walk around which centre on various creatures and bionetwork from all over the world.

It is even the oldest zoo in North America. Also, it was remarkably established in 1868 and today is the home to more than a thousand animals. In addition to hippos, gorillas, and rhinos, you can also see polar bears and penguins, with its significant Kovler Lion House being undyingly well-liked. Book the most economical Mumbai to Chicago flight and enjoy a budget-friendly family holiday.

9.  Shedd Aquarium

Residing in the same lakeshore Museum Campus as the Field Museum, the John G. Shedd Aquarium is a dwelling to over 1,500 varieties of sea life, counting 32,500 fish, along with a range of bugs, birds, and amphibians. Shedd Aquarium gets over two million vacationists yearly, making it one of the most-visited aquariums in the country.

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