HAMPTA PASS: 5 Things which will allow you to become a memorable person HAMPTA PA

The beauty of Hampta Pass makes it one of the most popular treks in India and I can tell that it’s gotten hype and popularity after I’ve come to Hampta Pass. It goes on the way and discusses the conversation.

Truly the whole trek is beautiful to you, but here’s a list of 5 things that will certainly cause the itch to take up this journey: This is the most interesting thing:

1. Hanging Valley

On the first day of the trek itself, the valley view will make you amazed. A short stroll from the village of Jobra, through dense mixed forests, opens to the grasslands, surrounded by gigantic rocky mountains, hidden and cloudy.

2. Stream crossing and waterfalls

Pass Hampta is known for its river traversing. There are over 10 stream crossings, most easy to do by hopping around rocks, two of which will make you cry because you have to cross them barfoot, yeah! Be prepared to freeze your brain while crossing those glacier water streams, with bare feet, at the weeks of the day.

3. Wide range of Flowers

Flowers are one of these species on earth that is beautiful for every species. When it comes to flowering flowers, there’s nothing ‘hideous.’ Keep your eyes open and watch out for the walk, because you will see some of the finest wildflowers of this valley. You name any flower, yellow, blue, orange, red, pink, purple, white… You’ll find any flower for that. Flowers of all colors I found and they made my journey literally.

4. Snow Pass and Snow Bridge Walking

You might have previous snowfall and snowfall experiences, but this one is different. Here you go right up the stream and covered by a thick layer of snow and ice and the sound of a river blowing under your feet can be heard. A mistaken step, and your feet land in the snow 1 ft deep. There are a lot of these holes on the snow bridge placed at the wrong point by other travellers. Be so attentive!

5. Some Yoga Poses at Chandratal Lake

Because of its moon-like shape, Chandratal lake received its name. Tausends of people visit every year with its turquoise water and surrounding landscape. When in Spiti, Chandratal Lake is a must-visit and what better time to do this than along the Hampta Pass trek?

You descend from Sheagoru early in the morning and arrive to Chattru at 11:00 am on the last day of the trek, where you can spend the rest of your time exploring lake. Let’s go insane here. Click on the stellar background in some weird photos, or find an isolated corner and enjoy its surreal beauty. Let your work in the magic of the place.

A handy guide to the famous pass of Hampta

The Hampta Pass is a scenic corridor between the Chandra Valley of Lahaul and the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The Himachal is the queen of India’s trekking destinations, as every passionate trekker would know. The pitch is excitingly raw, dull and can attract every tourist to its lush green landscape. The Hampta Pass, which turns over the sublime Manali Mountains, is one of that walkable paradise. Find sunny mountains with a touch of greenery that makes you feel like the painting of Bob Ross!

You will fall in love with life and Mother Nature through the grandiosity of the calm mountains. As you drink in the heavenly beauty of the creation of Mother Nature, find yourself fascinated and thankful for the divine experience! This is a handy guide to walk exclusively for you on the famous Hampta Pass.

The Trekking Trip

A trek along the Hampta Pass trek is very cool and curative. It is a perfect way to get out of everyday stress, forget about your mobile and social media and start a happy trip to find beauty in nature and happiness in little things. The quietness and quiet of the snow-covered mountains in the countryside gives you an inevitable sense of experience only. Are you fascinated by the Hampta Pass now? Will you be ready for a trek? Now together with our fellow readers we will take a four-day trek across the Hampta Pass.

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