How can you protect your home in Dubai?

Protecting your home in Dubai isn’t easy; especially in times like today. The COVID-19 virus has thrown more light on cleanliness as well as personal hygiene especially sanitization. Although this pandemic has caused more fear among us all, it has given us the chance to understand how important a clean house is to prevent the spread of diseases. And one thing that we’ve all realized is that it is imperative to take advanced preventive measures such as sanitization to keep everyone safe, especially at home. Many people also opt to hire Home sanitization Dubai Experts to assist with their home sanitization requirements.

Here’s a couple of ways we suggest that can help protect your loved ones in your home in Dubai:

Sanitize the Common Surfaces

Common areas are high touchpoint surfaces and contain several viruses as well as germs.

It is imperative to sanitize common surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. Use vinegar or bleach to clear all germs off those high-touch surfaces.

Make sure that you’re disinfecting the right way

If you do not sanitize the right way it is pointless. Before you start sanitizing, get rid of any visible dust or grime from the place. By doing this, the sanitization process becomes more forceful and protects from the microbes. Make sure to follow all of the guidelines on the bottle of disinfectant to successfully remove germs and sanitize the right way.

You may also consider consulting with a cleaning company in Dubai to further assist you.

You should note that each sanitizer takes its own time to work on different surfaces. Some take up to 10 minutes to react to the germs and viruses, which means the place must be wet with the disinfectant throughout that time.

Another thing to note is to sanitize commonly used surfaces or items such as lights, smartphones, handles, flush handles. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterward and always use gloves while sanitizing around the house.

Create a Sanitizing Routine and Stick To It!

It is essential to prepare a sanitization routine for the common areas like the washroom or the kitchen to tackle all deadly viruses across your home in Dubai.

We’ve given you a template sanitization routine, you can alter it based on your home’s requirements:


For Kitchen- 

Make sure you replace the dishcloth as well as the kitchen towel daily| Sanitize all countertops, sink, cabinet handles as well as any electronic kitchen appliances, and switches as often as possible| Clean spills right away| Clear trash every day and sanitize it daily

For Washroom- 

Sanitize Handles & Taps| Sanitize the flush handle| Empty the bin daily| Wash the bath towel|


For Kitchen –

Clean and Sanitize the Kitchen Sink​| Clean all Knobs and Wash Any Other Appliances|

For Bathroom-

Sanitize the Washbasin, Tub, Showers, Doors, Cabinets, and Handles|

Also Wash All Dispensers, Toothbrushes and its Holders|

Other Cleaning Practices-

Frequent Bedsheets Changes| Wash Mattresses Regularly|

Mop the floors with a solution of water and cleaner-disinfectant, and vacuum the carpets.

That’s a wrap on some basic tips to sanitizing your home to help control the spread of any type of disease or viruses.

We would like to recommend that you select a cleaning company in Dubai to give your hands once in a while, that way you have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Here is a secret tip! Make sure you don’t shake the bed sheet before washing otherwise you would end up spreading dust as well germs all around your lovely home in Dubai.

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