Everyone loves to keep his car maintained properly but only a few people do this. Not because it’s expensive but because they don’t know how to maintain a car properly. They do not have a proper guide. With these little maintenance steps, you can maximize the life and performance of your vehicle and make your car just look like a brand new car.

Always wash your car with a car shampoo

Washing your car with a car shampoo maintains the original shine and protects the paint from fading. Most people don’t do this, they just simply wash the car with kitchen soap which not only makes the car colour look dull but also removes the original shine from the paint.

You don’t need to apply wax if you use car shampoo because the manufacturer built it according to the user ‘s needs. Best car shampoo clears away deep dirt particles, acid rain effect & road salt dot that cause rust to cars.

Washing your car with shampoo may help water flow off from the body without leaving a spot when you dry it. But don’t put the shampoo on your car body for a long time. This may affect the paintwork of the car.

Change the engine oil on time

Most old cars have engine issues because people don’t change the engine oil on time. The Oil lubricates and protects the inside system of the engine. Best recommended time according to engine oil companies is 4000km but the car owner did not change the oil even after 5000km. Which makes the engine oil dirty, the oil starts mixing with dust and becomes thick. By doing this for a few months your car engine oil level starts decreasing which is not good for your pocket. With time your engine starts producing different noises and may overheat which is very dangerous.

So it’s highly recommended to change the engine oil on time to avoid all these problems and to keep your car properly maintained.

Keep the tyre in good condition

A tire is one of the most important elements in a car. By using old  & rough tire with reducing tread depth your car may start losing road grip which is very dangerous for people sitting inside the car. This may result in a fatal accident. The old tire also affects the suspension system of your car, you may start feeling the vibration in the cabin of your car.

A new tire can be usable for at least 50000km or 3-year of time. But people still can not change the tire because they are expensive to buy. Price of the 4-tier starts from 300$ and goes to 700$, which is a huge amount.

Check the battery before winter

Yes, you hear it right, always check the car battery before winter. In the winter due to cold weather, weak batteries stop providing power to your car hence your car won’t start.

So before winter, clear the rust from the battery terminal and try to park your car in an isolated place to protect the bonnet of the car from cold winds.

As per the recommended time to change the car, the battery is after four years. If you don’t do this your car won’t start in the morning or take a few minutes to start, you may see rust on the battery terminal,  battery start decreasing fluid. If any of these signs appear to you then change the battery as early as possible to avoid the hassle.

Coolant check-up

Coolant in the car radiator keep your car temperature normal and prevent the freezing of the radiator just like water. While pouring coolant in radiator add water as well and always keep your coolant level maximum.

Light functioning

It is important to always keep your vehicle all light in a functioning position. To check if all headlights are in working condition, turn on headlights when your vehicle is parked and check if both headlights are working properly and well-positioned. Walk around your car and inspect both turn signals and your parking lights. This may save you while driving at night time.

Check the tire pressure

Always check the tire pressure of the car before driving. Low pressure in a tire badly affects the suspension of the car as well as it is also not safe to drive with a punctured tire. It’s also difficult to visit a tire shop to check the tire air pressure so therefore it is recommended to buy a portable tire inflator to avoid going to the tire shop again and again. This also saves you a lot of money.


With these simple steps, you can save a lot of money. For all these steps you do not need huge money with only a few dollars you can perform all these maintenance tasks. Sticking to a car maintenance schedule, and keeping good records of all these, can help extend the life of your vehicle and protect you against expensive repairs, and other unwelcome surprises. You can easily sell a well-maintained car at a fair price whereas an unmaintained car is difficult to sell and you find most of those cars in junkyards. The decision is yours.

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