How Roy Andrade Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO Manages His Personal and Professional Life


About Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO 

Roy Andrade was questioned about his secret to a healthy and productive life then disclosed that he enjoys jogging 3 to 5 miles two to three times per week. Sr. Roy Andrade explained that jogging helps improve heart health and the immune system. It’s also a stress reliever. Our readers would be surprised to know that jogging does much more for our bodies than just help with weight loss. It also helps build endurance and stamina. It strengthens the muscles and keeps the mind healthy. Sr. Roy Andrade also informed us that he eats salmon and avocados regularly.

What are Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO’s Goals

Sr. Roy Andrade lost $750,000 in common stock in two publicly traded companies earlier this year and watched stock prices drop dead during the pandemic. He invested disposable income into two businesses, Macerich and Wells Fargo, which he believes will help him climb back up to the million dollar mark. Sr. Roy Andrade then established Cyber Boy Corp., with the intention of becoming one of the leaders in the cybersecurity movement.

Cyber Boy Corp.’s Purpose

Over the past few years, cybersecurity has evolved tremendously. Cybercrimes are growing at an alarming rate. Malware attacks occur every minute around the world. It is a major problem in every country around the globe and with the exponential surge of data traveling from one computer to the next, cybersecurity has now become a necessity. Major tech firms are hiring cybersecurity specialists to protect and monitor their information systems. Sr. Roy Andrade is preparing to take Cyber Boy Corp. to new levels in the coming years. But, for now, the company is providing executive protection and private security. Anyone interested can contact his secretary at 310-734-2729.

Sr. Roy Andrade

The CEO is one of a kind and has an exceptional sense of humor. He enjoys spending time reading books and negotiating business deals. Sr. Roy Andrade was not available for comment, but, released this statement, “Cyber Boy Corp. will become a juggernaut before I die and live far beyond my grave. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

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