How to care for your Cotton Printed T Shirt for longer use?

Whether it’s the T-shirt of your favorite sports club, festival or that one T-shirt with print that you keep so many good memories of, you prefer to keep the shirt and especially the print beautiful for a long time. But how do you ensure that T-shirts with a print remain beautiful for a long time. We give you some tips for washing printed online T shirt for firefighter and of course we don’t forget to iron!

For your favorite t shirt online florist to last longer, some basic care is needed. Even though it seems to be a simple fabric, it is important to take care of these pieces, especially when washing and drying. In today’s post we’re going to teach you how to care for and make your shirts last a lot longer.

1- Check if the shirt is made of cotton

It is important to check if the shirt is made of cotton, either on the garment’s label or even on the product description when purchased online, so you will know if the composition of the garment is 100% cotton, or what the percentage is.

2- Washing

To prevent your shirt from shrinking, a suggestion is not to mix it with other types of clothes and wash it separately. In addition to preventing the piece from being disproportionate on your body, it will also prevent the presence of stains from other pieces. As for washing in the machine, there is no problem as this type of fabric is resistant to this mode of washing.

3- Turn it inside out before washing it

Turning the cotton shirt inside out when washing is ideal for not wearing out and making the garment last much longer. This tip is for you who have and like printed cotton shirts, as they are more delicate and deserve special attention.

4- Do not use water at high temperatures

Many people prefer to soak the shirt in hot water, but for this you need to be careful with the water temperature, since the shirt can shrink or even fade.

5- Drying

It is important to pay attention to the drying of the shirts, as it will directly influence the durability of the garment. The ideal is to let the shirts dry naturally in the shade or even in the sun, as long as they are not left exposed for too long. But of course, nothing prevents you from drying the piece in the dryer, but it is necessary to pay attention to the time you will allow for the piece not to shrink. 

6- Be careful with the iron

For a cotton t shirt online florist the ideal is when ironing the garment it is important not to iron at such a high temperature, as well as the printed ones talking about them, an important tip is to iron them on the wrong side so as not to damage the print. If you don’t want to turn it inside out, we suggest passing it only on the sides where there is no print. 

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