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This article provides information to chose the best company for Panasonic washing machine repair Dubai. By compiling a list of requirements for a typewriter in advance, you can reduce the time spent looking for the ideal model. Choosing a washing machine is based on such parameters as:


It is necessary to decide in advance where to put the washing machine and take measurements. In terms of dimensions, the machines are divided into full-size, narrow, and compact. It should be noted that the amount of loading directly depends on the size of the machine. The units of the first type have the largest drum, which means that they have a larger capacity. Compact – the best option for rooms where there is practically no free space, however, their logical load is small. Of course, this division is arbitrary: today on the market you can find, for example, ultra-narrow units.

Maximum loading

Compact models can hold up to 3 kg of laundry. The volume of the drums of narrow washing machines is slightly larger – 5–7 kg. The full-size units can wash up to 10-14 kg. It would seem good when you can load a lot of laundry into the washing machine at once. But this is not always necessary. Buying a unit with a load of 10 kg for a family of two is most likely irrational, and vice versa – a washing machine with a drum volume of 3 kg will not be enough for a large family.

Machine type

Of course, automatic machines are considered the most convenient and easy to use. However, in a room where there is no central water supply system, an automatic washing machine cannot be installed. Besides, automatic machines are more expensive than semiautomatic devices, and even more so than activator units.


The needs of those who will use the unit play a major role here. For example, if the family has a small child, it is better to choose a model with a special mode for washing the baby’s clothes (sometimes it is called that). If you often have to wash silk items or thin shirts, you should pay attention to machines with a delicate wash cycle.

Profitability. The efficiency of the machine is influenced by such an indicator as to the class of energy consumption. The most “wasteful” is G. However, a car with this letter on a sticker cannot be found on sale today – they are no longer produced. For a long time, class A was considered the most energy-efficient. But not so long ago, the gradation was supplemented with classes A +, A ++, and A +++.

Additional functionality

This is the delayed start function, and the addition of laundry, and control using a smartphone, and much more – as they say, any whim for your money.

Price. The cost of a washing machine depends primarily on its type, dimensions, number of modes, a set of additional functions – that is, on all those characteristics that are indicated above. The cheapest, as we have already said, are activator and LG semi-automatic washing machines. However, even among the popular automatic models, you can, if desired, find a relatively inexpensive option that meets all the requirements. The price is also significantly influenced by the brand of equipment – an assembly from a renowned manufacturer will be more expensive than a machine with the same characteristics but from a little-known company.

Which washing machine models are best for the home?

The market is saturated with a huge number of models with a wide variety of characteristics. But how not overpay for features you might not even need? The manufacturer also plays an important role, but not everyone knows which company washing machine is worth choosing. To make it easier for buyers, we offer the top best washing machines according to the editorial board.

Compact washing machines

The machine weighs only 14 kg, so it can be easily moved from place to place or transported. Energy class – A. The control of the “Fairy 2” is mechanical, the maximum load is only 2 kg. In the reviews, the owners, in addition to the low weight of the unit, also note long-term operation without failures, as well as ease of operation as advantages.

The warranty for “Fairy 2” is a year, and the machine costs only about 3300 rubles.

LG TW 202 W TwinWash. Automatic white top-loading washing machine from a renowned South Korean manufacturer of household appliances. The model is small – 36.5 × 60 × 70 cm, it can hold a maximum of 2 kg of laundry. The machine belongs to energy class C. The LG TW 202 W TwinWash has seven main programs, including for washing kinds of cotton, underwear, and delicate fabrics. Additional functions are available – Drum Clean, Super Rinse, and Spin Only. The model is equipped with a touchscreen display with multiple indicators and a self-test trigger. The cars also have security systems: child lock, anti-foam function, and auto-balancing. The owners of this model, among the advantages, note a low vibration level during washing, even at high speeds.

LG TW 206 the W. The dimensions are the same as the previous model – 36.5 × 60 × 70 cm. The LG TW 206 W has a vertical loading, silver color. Energy efficiency class – C, you can wash a maximum of 2 kg of laundry in one cycle. Despite its small size, the model has seven full programs and three additional options, among which there is also a drum cleaning. Like the previous model, the LG machine is equipped with a touchscreen LED display, indicators for the duty cycle and door lock, as well as Wi-Fi support. The LG TW 206 W will notify you of the end of work with a sound signal. The safety system of the model protects against foaming, child lock, and auto-balancing.

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