How To Clean White Sofa With Baking Soda

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A sofa is an ideal place for you to relax in comfort. We use them every day and it is easy to forget that they can collect everything from dirt to dead skin cells so they require regular cleaning. Usually, you would need to clean your sofa every few months at a minimum, but it depends on how dirty it gets. If you have young children or pets you may need to do it more often. 

You will usually see a sofa at the heart of every home, this is why they run the risk of getting so dirty, even more so if you have a white sofa. Let’s have a look at some of the top tips on how to clean your sofa using baking soda. 

Find The Best Way To Clean Your Sofa

Though there are numerous methods to clean a sofa, using baking soda is one of the best. It’s not possible to stick your whole sofa in the washing machine. You may be able to wash the slipcovers, but not all sofas have this option. Baking soda is a favourite household trick that may help to clean your couch with ease. 

Before you start cleaning your sofa you need to identify the materials. You can usually find this on the label. 

Is Baking Soda Work Good For Sofa Cleaning?

Baking soda works great to remove bad odours from your sofa and well as make it gleam. This is one of the reasons baking soda is so popular when cleaning. It deodorizes the sofa at the same time as cleaning it. Experts in Sofa Cleaning Services Sydney may recommend using a steam cleaner or vacuum to give you the perfect finish. 

So, whether your sofa is dirty from pet dander, food spills, or dead skin cells, the most natural remedy is baking soda. To use baking soda to clean your sofa you need to: 

Sofa Cleaning Services Sydney

Prep The Sofa 

First, you need to get the supplies. So, baking soda, clean clothes, and a vacuum with a brush and fabric attachment. Wipe the sofa over with a clean, dry cloth and remove any dried-on dirt or dust. 

Clean Up The Sofa 

Next, you need to spread a thin layer of baking soda on your sofa and leave it for around 15 minutes. Make sure it is only a think layer and handled easily. Once it’s dry use a vacuum to remove the baking soda. Make sure it is a thin layer and fully dry first, otherwise, it may clog your vacuum. A wet dry vac is the best option, just in case, it is still damp. You should then use a cleaning solution over the whole sofa, make sure you spot test any solutions in a hidden area before you use it all over. 

A beautiful sofa looks cosy and smells great. They can sometimes be a nightmare to clean, even with baking soda. If you are struggling to get it how you want make sure you look for Sofa Cleaning Services Sydney to help. 

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