How to Clean Your Hairdressing Scissors

Taking proper care of your hairdressing scissors is essential for making the most out of your investment, so you do need to ensure they are cleaned effectively after every use. They will last longer if you do as corrosion won’t become a major issue, and your customers (if you’re a barber) will be grateful for the steps you have taken to promote good hygiene practices too. 

So, how do you clean your hairdressing scissors? Well, there are a number of things you can do to ensure they are properly cleaned, and these include the following. 

Use a toothpick and toothbrush

Thanks to the hair products that you or your customers might use, hairdressing scissors can quickly become afflicted with sticky gunk and other types of hair debris. This can be a nuisance as hair products are notoriously difficult to remove. But after soaking your scissors in warm water to dislodge any gunk, you can then use a toothpick and a toothbrush to clean around your scissors to remove any excess residue. The toothpick can be used to clean around the pivot screw and the corners of your scissors, and the toothbrush can be used to remove the buildup of gunk and hair from around the blades. 

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Use a paint thinner

Another way to remove any sticky residue is hair thinner. This is better than a mixture of soap and water, as paint thinner is better for removing any stubborn dirt that is stuck to the blades of your hairdressing scissors. Be sure to clean your scissors in a well-ventilated area if using this method and use a paper towel or a chamois to apply the thinner to your blades.

Oil your scissors

It is vital that you oil your scissors regularly as not only will it remove any hair and dirt that linger, but it will ensure your blades keep working as they should without any friction. Simply open up your scissors and drop the oil between the blades on each side of the screw area. Wipe around each part of your hairdressing scissors thoroughly and then rub off any excess oil with a paper towel or cloth before storing them away. 

Use a sponge and nail polish remover

The rough side of a sponge can be effective when attempting to remove sticky residue on your scissors, and if that doesn’t do it, use a little nail polish remover with the sponge when cleaning. This should remove the gunk that has built up, but if it doesn’t quite do the job, use the other methods that we have suggested in this article. 

Dry your hairdressing scissors

As you will understand, your hairdressing scissors can become rusty if they aren’t dried after cleaning, so don’t forget this necessary step. Use a lint-free towel and dry each blade slowly and carefully to prevent any scratching on your blades. Do this every time you clean your hairdressing scissors, as you shouldn’t store them away when still wet with water or coated with any other type of liquid. 

These are the most effective methods for cleaning your hairdressing scissors, so for maintenance and hygiene purposes, don’t forget to adhere to them on a regular basis. 

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