How to properly clean bathroom tiles

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This article provides the best cleaning service tips for an easy-clean bathroom. For many, the bathroom is a personal oasis of well-being within their own four walls. Because here you can Let your soul dangle to your heart’s content in a full bath, enjoy a refreshing shower, or carry out the daily hygiene routine.

Due to the constant moisture, heat, and old soap residue, tiles and the associated grout can quickly look old and dirty. This site quickly makes the joy sink. Now you need good tips on how to properly clean bathroom tiles. With our tricks, hygienic bathroom cleaning is guaranteed to make your bathroom tiles look new.

Several very simple home remedies that you are guaranteed to have at home and can be used directly for bathroom care will also help you. Those who clean bathroom tiles properly can enjoy hygienic cleanliness even in hard-to-reach places. So dirt and mold don’t stand a chance …

Cleaning tiles – the weekly maintenance routine that properly cleans bathroom tiles

To prevent floor tiles in particular from becoming heavily soiled when cleaning the bathroom, weekly bathroom maintenance with the right cleaner can be helpful.

To do this, it is best to first move all objects aside to gain free access to the floor. Then you should first remove any loose dirt from your tiles by vacuuming them thoroughly. This also prevents hair, dust, and other impurities from sticking to the rag and forming ugly lumps when you wipe with a damp cloth.

In the next step, carefully wipe the floor with warm water, which you can add a little all-purpose cleaner or floor cleaner. Particularly stubborn dirt can be removed in next to no time with warm water and a small brush.

Which cleaning agent is best for bathroom cleaning?

As already described in the first paragraph, a standard all-purpose cleaner can be used for regular cleaning.

Stubborn limescale stains, on the other hand, can also be cleaned well with natural vinegar. To do this, simply add a few splashes of vinegar to warm water and clean your floor and wall tiles as usual when caring for the bathroom.

Have your bathroom tiles become dull and because of this do they look rather unsightly? Here, simple ammonia water, or in the trade also known as ammonia spirit, can provide a quick remedy. This gives your tiles made of materials such as ceramic or stoneware a new shine. Please make sure that you have the right tile material before cleaning.

Important NOTE! Be careful with natural stone tiles! This type of bathroom tile can be very sensitive to acid. For this reason, vinegar and ammonia water are not recommended here! For gentle care, please use soft soap to clean your tiles.

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Cleaning joints – cleaning bathroom tiles with simple household items!

Often it is not the actual tiles that are the problem when cleaning the bathroom, but rather gray or soiled joints. Because over time, dirt and limescale residues from the water collect here.

The joints can be ideally cleaned with a simple household trick. Simply use baking powder for this, which you apply to a damp cloth or sponge, and dab the joints with it. A small brush, such as a toothbrush, is also ideal for distributing the baking powder/water mixture. Let the baking powder soak in a little and then remove the remains of the mixture with warm water.

Cleaning tiles made easy? In addition to baking soda, alcohol can also lighten the grout. Especially when mold has formed, which often discolors the tile joints ugly black. Apply the pure alcohol to the affected areas and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then clean the area very thoroughly with a little warm water.

Are there any tips for cleaning the bathroom against really stubborn soiling?

Tile cleaning doesn’t work in your bathroom because the joints have become very discolored? Intensive cleaning is required here. This is made possible, for example, with special steam cleaners, which even get rid of very heavy soiling pore-deep.

So-called joint brushes, which were developed with a special shape and nylon bristles for cleaning joints, are also available from specialist retailers and hardware stores. These are particularly easy to use for bathroom maintenance, thanks to their angular shape they also come into corners and often provide surprising results.

Here, yellowish discolored tile joints turn white again and look like new. By the way, you can remove discoloration from both cement and silicone joints with a universal joint brush. Sophisticated models also offer you the option to work on wall tiles by hand, but also to clean while standing for floor tiles with a screw-on stick provided (similar to sweeping).

Can contamination be prevented in a targeted manner during bathroom care?

The good news is: yes, especially when it comes to staining from mold!

Do not just fight the consequences of soiling, but also take preventive measures when caring for your bathroom tiles. A few simple tricks will help to protect sensitive tiles and their joints from mold, for example.

Due to moisture, heat, and a wide variety of soap residues, traces of mold find an ideal breeding ground for them to spread through your bathroom. Ensure a constant room temperature in the bathroom, which should be around 24 ° C. If the bathroom is too warm or too cold, thermal bridges quickly form and water vapor and moisture constantly settle on the joints and tiles.

Cleaning tiles with a shower squeegee: Due to the moisture that collects, you should also not only the shower walls but also all wet tiles with a shower squeegee or a suitable cloth immediately after showering or bathing. This will prevent moisture from collecting in the joints and causing mold.

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