How to spy on a PC secretly with Pc spy software?

Laptop and desktop devices have become an integral part of our lives. Today, everyone loves to use PCs connected to cyberspace. Moreover, the worldwide demand for laptop and desktop devices is on the rise, and everyone has to have computer devices connected to cyberspace. There are plenty of people out there who want to spy on a PC secretly for many different reasons. Let’s get to know first about the people that are desperately wanted to monitor someone’s PC.

Who wants to spy on someone’s PC?

Here are the two groups of people that always spy on laptops and desktop devices connected to the internet.

Parents want to track kid’s computer device

Young kids are obsessed with the internet of things these days. They want to use computer devices connected to cyberspace for plenty of activities. Teens are using social media apps and websites to connect with friends and family. Moreover, use PCs for inappropriate activities could make them vulnerable to cyber predators given below.

  • Cyber bullies
  • Stalkers
  • Sexual predators
  • Bunny hunters

Inappropriate activities of kids on PCs connected to cyberspace make kids vulnerable to digital nightmares. Let’s get to know about them in the following.

  • Online dating apps and websites
  • Watch adult content on PCs
  • Get involved in sexual hookups
  • Drug abuse

That’s why parents are desperate to spy on PCs for digital parenting to safeguard kids and teens from digital nightmares. Parents need to get their hands on the best PC spy software to keep tabs of kids and teens connected to the internet via PCs.

Employers want to monitor employee’s PCs

Why do employers want to spy on PCs laptops, and desktop computer devices? Do you know every business firm spends millions on laptop and desktop devices in the United States? It improves business productivity and increases the pace of digital operations since everything moves on the internet. Employers these days want to monitor and track business-owned laptops and desktop devices connected to the internet. There are the following reasons that force employers to spy on PCs to the fullest.

  • To protect business intellectual property
  • To avoid cyber attacks
  • Emails scams
  • Phishing

These are the threats that business enterprises used to face during working hours. Moreover, there are following activities of employees that make employers keep PCs under constant surveillance

  • Time wasting activities
  • Rouge employees
  • Workplace harassment
  • Employee’s communication
  • Employees GPS location

How to get the best PC spy software?

Do you want to get your hands on the best PC spy software? You can do it for digital parenting and to keep an eye on your employees during working hours by visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Let’s get to know about it in detail using the following steps:

Step1: Subscribe to TheOneSpy PC spy app

You need to subscribe to windows spy software by visiting TheOneSpy, and you will receive an email through customer support. You need to log in to the email and get the password and ID.

Step2: Get physical access on target windows laptop

You need to take the target PC laptop device into your possession and get started with the process of installation. Further, activate the spy software for windows on the target device.

Step3: activate the windows spying app dashboard

Now use the credentials and activate the PC tracking app online dashboard. Moreover, you can use the following features to spy on laptop and desktop devices to the fullest.

Top PC spy Features that you need to know

Screen recording

Users can record the target PC screen in real-time and send the recorded videos to the web portal where you can watch live activities of windows laptop device.

Screenshots –on demand

Users can capture screenshots of computer screens to know what employees are doing on messenger, chat, and to view activities with the schedule.


Parents and employers can record keystrokes and watch messenger conversations, passwords, messages, and email content.

Live camera spy

Users can use a PC spy to take over the target device camera to know who is using the business device at the moment.

Block websites

Users can block inappropriate websites, like adult and online gaming sites on PCs to the fullest. Users need to copy the URLs of the websites and then send the URLs to the filters to block inappropriate websites for kids and employees.


TheOneSpy is the best PC spy solution pack with dozens of powerful and dynamic features for digital parenting and employee monitoring.

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