In Mauritius 2021 best places to visit

La Vanille Crocodile Park

The Crocodile Park La Vanille is absolutely named for it. There are crocodiles, some of the world’s most misunderstood animals. There are also a large spectrum of giant tortoises. The crocodiles demonstrate the park, but you can also discover numerous other reptiles and plants in the surrounding area. If you like butterflies, you can also see a large variety of rare butterflies in the park. It is one of the best sightseeing locations in Mauritius.

Casela Nature Park Segway

Casela Park is another must-visit location for nature lovers. The best experience in this park is to go on a ride with Lions, the king of the jungle. It can be frightening and riveting to walk around with a Lion, but you can’t afford to miss the moment alone. Most visitors and experts around say that visits are amazing for an overall experience during the winter months, particularly during September. It is recommended that you should not wear overly bright-colored clothing, and instead of wear shorts, full trousers. An additional breathtaking spot in Mauritius is the Casela Nature Park Segway Tour, which you cannot skip anymore. This particular park has everything that your lover of nature can always wish for. You will witness everything here, from a wealth of tropical plants and flowers to other variegated animal species. That’s not it. There are also 1500 various bird varieties that you can see in the park itself.

Chamarel Waterfalls

One of the biggest waterfalls in Mauritius is thought to be the Chamarel Waterfall. The best thing about the cascade is the surroundings and the surroundings that add to the charm. It is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Black River Gorges, accentuating the waterfall’s imminent flood. Located near the Black River National Park, you will also be able to witness it. It is without a doubt one of Mauritius’ most beautiful spots.

 Blue Bay Marine Park

If your thing is water sports and snorkeling, you’ll love the Marine Park of Blue Bay. It is completely breathtaking to discover marine life from the waters and to experience everything on your trips to Mauritius. There are also a significant number of mangroves, seagulls, and algae in the park.

Le Pouce

Le Pouce is the third-largest mountain in Mauritius and is situated at an altitude of 812 meters above sea level. Le Pouce is a thumb-shaped peak that offers visitors a chance to see a picturesque view of Port Louis, mixing their experience with nature lovers and spirited searchers. In 1836, Charles Darwin scaled this mountain and slowly emerged as a popular summit for walkers and trekkers. This summit is a perfect place for those both who have just started walking or have conquered many summits with one of Mauritius’ best positions in their lives.

 Eureka House

Eureka House is a major tourist destination, built in 1830, in the centre of Mauritius in the village of Moka. This old colonial home for French and English aristocrats has been turned into a museum dedicated to the Mauritian colonial era. It is recognised as the largest house on the island with its 109 doors and windows. The museum has music, paintings, maps and houseware for Chinese and Indians. The museum is surrounded by several little waterfalls, lush greenery, endemic plants, Moka Lake, and sumptuous gardens.

Photo Museum

Without a bit of history, the list of places to visit in Mauritius is not complete. In comparison to shopping malls, the Picture Museum is for those with extreme hobbies. If you too believe that the trip without good photography is incomplete, update your Mauritius tourist list. Some of the largest, finest and oldest cameras are stored in the photography museum. It was founded in 1960 and has the best iconic photography collection taken in the beginning of the 1800s.

Sugar Museum

The Sugar Museum amuses you as an attraction for sightseeing in Mauritius, just when you thought places to visit in Mauritius were dull. It goes back to the time of the equal importance of sugar as gold. For historians, it is a joy, displaying the 250-year-old heritage of the entire country’s sugar adventure. If you are free of the 1,5-hour trip, you can wait for rum and sugar to end your journey on a high note (hick-hick).

Blue Penny Museum

Again a treat for lovers of history. If you want an enticing view of Mauritius’ art and history and want to discover the depths of Mauritius, this is a must stop. A spot out of your wish list is the Blue Penny Museum. This particular museum displays everything from a multitude of magnificent explorations all over the island. The museum gives you a brief overview of Mauritius and how it progressed slowly over the years. First, take a look at three colonial times: the Netherlands, the French, and the English, and then take a look at Mauritius’s postal service history. From the very first stamp to the rarest and globally recognized stamps,

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