Kasol things to do – India’s mini Israel that cannot be missed


Kasol is one of Kullu District’s incredible hill resorts. The road to the pilgrim city of Manikaran is 26 kilometers from Kullu. The impulse of life and the sense that you live makes you mystify is a wonder to unfold. Kasol is a village mothered by the valley of Parvati and a popular destination in Himachal. It is renowned for its thrilling walks, delicious food, rushing river, and hearty mankind. There is a lot to do in Kasol, from the thrill of trekkking to the memory of life – in this resort of happiness. Because of the large percentage of tourists in Israel, Kasol is also known as Mini Israel. Kasol is the Himalayan backpacker hotspot and a base for trips to Kheerganga and Malana.

1. Trek to KheerGanga

The KheerGanga trek is a difficult and fun trek, with a climb of nine kilometers and four hours. This hill is a magical haven that Indians and foreign tourists have visited. On top of the Kheer Ganga, you can see beautiful winds, dense and moist because of the weather and the mountains covered with snow. There is also an enchanting and mystical Lord Shiva temple with thermal baths for the Indian religious who give a fascinating look.

2. Walk along the Parvati River

You can enjoy a wonderful view of the Parvati Valley on the Parvati River. In contrast to the Beas river, the pines overlook the surrounding forests on the two sides. To reach the other side of the river, one has to pass through a rickety old wooden bridge.

3. Head Out to Tosh

Tosh is a town known for its planting of cannabis and amazing views of dense Himalayan plants. The culture and life of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Kasol.

4. Visit Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a Gurudwara, about 6 kilometres from Kasol. One of the best things to do is to visit Manikaran Sahib. Located on the Gurudwara, in the hot springs you can dip away all sins as local people believe. The Gurudwara is currently under refurbishment but is a must visit if you plan to get to Kasol.

5. Hot Spring at Manikaran

Manikari is home to many Sikhs and Hindus pilgrimage sites. The Parvati River is the home of natural thermal springs and Manikaran is located there. For a rejuvenating bath, visit the Hot Spring.

6. Binge on Israeli Cuisine

Enjoy Israeli cuisine with a view of the beautiful Himalayas and the other snow-capped mountains, eating Israeli cuisine like shakshuka, citrus fruits, etc. For the wonderful cooking you’ll be slightly weak on your knees visit ‘Turquoise Kasol’ and ‘The Evergreen.’

7. Shopping 

Kasol is an awesome shopping spot. In Kasol, there are plenty of shopping mugs, especially the one in Bhuntar, which are great places to go. Collect T-shirts, woollens, oils and sheets, tapestries, tapestry and more to add from Kasol to your pile.

8. Try Rice Beer

It is an essential try, because of Kasol’s incredible experience, delicious taste and absolutely no alcohol content, to get the rice beer that is a famous addition to the world. It’s one of Kasol’s best things to do. It is also called “Chang” and worth a visit.

9. Visit Moon Dance Cafe

The Moon Dance Cafe is a popular and incredible restaurant for tourists. In Kasol, which has a stunning view of the mountains and valleys, is another exciting thing to do. This is definitely where tourists should stop.

10. Chill at Hype Music Festival

At the Hype Music Festival, renowned DJs perform a vast array of musical performances world-wide. Have fun with the barbecue, fire, etc. The decor and light effects contribute to improving the vibrations produced by the wonderful tunes and beats.

11. Enjoy the Parvati Shangri-La Festival

It is a real delight for this annual festival. Renowned DJs and artists will play their best tracks. During the festival, crowds of international tourists enjoy a lot. Many international artists can be found at the festival.

12. Visit Malana

Malana is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most intriguing towns. You have to go a short climb as there is no motorway to Malana and it’s difficult to climb there.

Kasol was the favourite escape of the crowd. Located in the lap of Valle Parvati, one of Pradesh’s preferred resorts, Kasol is renowned for the region’s unsurpassed green beauty. Without a doubt, Kasol is one of the most incredible places to visit with panoramic views of Himachal Pradesh. In Kasol everything from camping and water crossing to trekking can be

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