Process to get Medical VISA

Foreign nationals coming for medical treatment have heard / seen emergency departments for the neuro-medical process, ophthalmic problems, heart problems, heart problems, dementia garbage, fun problems, good cleaning, radio cleaning, gaps, and so on. On Medical Visa only and not on Tourist Visa. With one Supported visa supported, two professional visas will be issued at the same time. Ministers are not eligible for a medical visa and will have to go on a regular travel tour if they move to become avoidable. The abuse of the sick vaccine encourages reformatory action against the candidate.

An India medical visa (MED Visa) is issued to a foreigner whose sole purpose is to visit India to seek medical treatment at a specific / recognized / organized Hospital / medical center in India.

Residence Time of Visa applications: 1000 Hrs to 1200 Hrs per working day.

1. A half -year travel application is valid (or specified, if preferable)

2. Copy of visa information

3. Two photos of size 50mm X 50mm eg 2 inch x 2 inch with background light Photos to be attached to your buildings in the container provided on pages 1 and 2 of the website design.

4. Complete the online Visa application process. Your construction must be supported in the container below the image on page 1 and at the end of page 2. Your marks must match the mark on your visa.

The duration of the visa will be fixed on a case -by -case basis. Most of the time more than half a year with Double Entry can be drawn depending on conditions.

This is not intended to eliminate the large number of files required. The High Commission shall exercise every authority necessary to look for further records of a seat of use.

The Passport for India visa online must have a half -year warranty on the date of use with at least two distinct pages. Altered or damaged visas are not allowed.

Some cases may require additional processing time.

Candidates may need to attend an interview at “The High Commission of India”

The High Commissioner of India has demanded that all powers be denied visas without specifying the reasons and without reducing the fee.

If the problem is not too much, swear to the traveler at the same time presenting your Indian visa application.

There are distinct aspects to knowledge

GCC nations are required to provide a copy of a large -scale photograph provided from the UAEPeople living in the UAE with Abu Dhabi or Al-Ain have issued a visa residing in Dubai / Northern Emirates to provide a copy of the residence permit in their name (Tenancy agreement, electronic bill).

  • The visa is valid from the date of issue.
  • The Embassy / Consulate takes care of the requirements to request additional information.
  • Living with the subsidized fee does not guarantee the issuance of a visa.
  • Candidates are advised not to cancel their travel until their application is approved by the Indian Visa Application Center for the issuance of a valid visa.

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