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RO Filter Service and Replacement

We know that drinking pure and clean water is very important for our health. Therefore we install water purifiers to filter all the impurities from water and ensure safe and secure health.

But we forget one of the most important parts of managing water purifiers. We need to take care of the water purifier by regular cleaning and maintaining the filters. Moreover, if the filter is used for a long duration, then we must replace them.

The main defense mechanism of a water purifier is its filters. It is the heart of every water purifier. All the impurities, suspended particles, slits, chlorine, heavy metals, TDS, chemical wastes, pesticides, and numerous other contaminants that find their abode in the water get filtered and destroyed by the filtering mechanism.

Therefore, it is necessary to find professionals like Kent RO service Gurgaon for regular servicing of the filters. Moreover, we can also clean and maintain the regular sediment filters by ourselves.

Importance Of Cleaning The First Layer Of Filter

We know that filters of the water purifier accumulate debris which can clog the pores of the filters. It makes the absorption power of filters falter and become useless.

Importantly, the first layer of a filter or sediment filter needs to be cleaned at regular intervals.

Sediments are hard, suspended solid particles such as slits, sand, and other impurities. These can also be rust from the pipeline, dirt, grains of solid particles, clay, etc. consuming these can be fatal to our health.

The sediment filter is the first layer of the filtration process that absorbs the hard, physical contaminants and carries forward the filtered water to the next stage of filtration, the RO membrane. Moreover, it improves the longevity of the RO membrane and other filters. Therefore, it is important to clean it at regular intervals.

Can You Clean The Sediment Filter At Home? 

While it’s best to call a professional for regular service, we can also clean the first layer easily by ourselves. Most water purifiers nowadays have an advanced alert system that indicates when it needs to be changed. If your water purifying device doesn’t have that feature, then it’s recommended that you should at least clean the sediment filter every three to five months.

Why Should You Call A Professional For A Water Purifier Service?

In today’s technological world, water purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. They can vary from one model to another. There are different manufacturers of water purifiers. Hence it’s important to pick the right filter for the right type of purifier.

Even the smallest mistake can make the whole purifier useless. A slightly smaller filter for a large model would let the contaminants pass by it. As a result, the water won’t be fully purified.

Moreover, the cartridges are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We can’t be acquainted with those specifications. They’d have the knowledge of the right filter for a specific model.

It’s also best to contact the company’s executive for a better solution. Most water purifying companies have an annual maintenance cost. It varies from company to company. So we should be mindful of that before purchasing a water purifier.

Which Filters Should Be Replaced And Cleaned Regularly?

An RO water purifier has more than one filter. It can be a 5-stage or 7-stage filtration process, depending on the model.

In most cases, It comprises pre-filter, RO membrane, post filter. Some models have both RO and UV filters available.

For the pre-filtration process, an RO water purifier may have a sediment filter and carbon filter. For post-filter, there is a carbon polishing filter. Thereafter, the purified water gets stored inside the storage tank.

We know that sediment filters take care of the hard particles, dust, and debris. Carbon filters also take care of the chlorine problem. In the RO membrane, most of the dangerous contaminants are removed. A UV filter can directly attack the DNA composition of the contaminants and renders them useless. In the end, carbon polishing post-filter makes sure that the taste of the water is fresh.

It is better to replace all the filters except the RO membrane every 9-12 months. The impure substance accumulates and makes the filters ineffective over time. The excess minerals may accumulate and clog the filters. Carbon filters may lose their shape over time. They lose the power to absorb chlorine and other hard particles.

Importance Of Periodic Maintenance And Longevity Of The System

A quality water purifying system may last up to 10-15 years, depending on use. But to ensure longevity, they need to be appropriately maintained. One should replace the cartridges annually and make sure that the professionals thoroughly check all the other parts.Some parts can wear out through the process of time. With time, the filters and other parts of the system may gradually decline. Therefore, it’s not entirely impossible that your drinking water won’t contain impurities. Hence, calling a professional service, like Kent RO Service Lucknow, is required to maintain your device.

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