Step By Step Guide To Set Up a Business Phone Number System

Technology has made the world fast. People have no time to waste as time is money. Especially in the business sector, everything has to be super quick. Entrepreneurs need smart and rapid solutions. The business phone system can be set up in just a matter of 10 minutes. Let’s see how-

Here are the four simple steps to set up your business phone system-

Choose a number for your internet service

The very first step in getting a virtual phone system is to decide the number on which you will be receiving all the calls from your clients. If you choose a number that contains sequences or patterns (e.g. 8888, 4321, 1234, 5656), it will be easier for you to remember. We usually tend to forget our numbers; therefore, it is advised to pick a number that would not give your brain a hard time remembering it.

Choose a Business Phone Plan

Then is the next step of choosing your business plan. Not all companies are one-size-fits-all. Your phone service needs to match your business needs and that is why it is very essential to select a perfect business plan for your virtual phone service. There are ample websites that offer their business phone plans at affordable rates. Select the one that you need the most.

Assign your Phone Extensions

The third step is to get phone extensions. Phone extensions are how users can dial each other and you can direct calls to them. To assign extensions to your team members, sign in to any website voice [portal. Under the User’s menu, click on ADD A USER. Then provide the internal extension number for each user to receive secure phone calls. Also, there are two choices for extension:

Full Extension– Users can access a far greater range of features using this extension. It can be used either with any sort of mobile app, softphone, or physical handset.

Virtual Extension– Employees who wish to divert all their calls to an existing number can do so, using this feature. It is also called call forwarding.

Record Your Phone Greetings

The fourth step is deciding the greeting. When your client calls the provided business number, he/she will hear a greeting. It is called an auto attendant. You can choose your invoice message or any other automated device tone to be set up as your greeting. Be wise in deciding as it will be making your first expression on the client.

Start receiving calls

Now you are all set to connect a handset, softphone, or mobile to receive calls. Business phone systems provide you the choice to decide the device that you need. You can receive or make calls through a phone, laptop, or computer.

So, now you need not need to worry about purchasing and maintaining high-cost PBX equipment, you can just get started with your mere business phone number and conquer the world of business. So, please always make sure that first, you look at all the services and also compare them, for example, check the services of ring central vs other service providers, which makes it easy to make a better decision. All the best!

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