The Top 5 Countries For Cancer Treatment


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Cancer is associated with abnormal cell growth connected with many diseases and can be detected in almost any organ or tissue within the human body. It can typically start anywhere from the brain to the bone marrow.

Cancer manifests itself rapidly through proliferating cells and uncontrolled mutation. Cancer remains either localised or can metastasise. Metastasis leads to the spread of cancer to the adjoining body parts, affecting other organs, which is the primary cause of death.

The two terminologies that commonly describe cancer are- malignant tumour or a neoplasm.

Cancer generally occurs in the colon (intestinal), lung, cervix, breast, and thyroid in women. Men are mostly diagnosed with prostate, intestinal or colon, liver, stomach, and lung cancers.

Cancer’s Global Impact

The burden and impact of cancer along with its mortality rate is increasing worldwide at an alarming rate. Apart from the factors like the growth of the population and ageing, the increase in cancer statistics growth can be induced by several factors like smoking, physical inactivity, irregular or unhealthy diets.

The impact of cancer is globally prevalent in countries with lower to middle or average income, which will eventually find it challenging to deal with the problem. A vast number of patients who have cancer around the globe are unable to access quality diagnosis, yearly screening or timely treatments.

In countries with solid healthcare systems and technically advanced equipment similar to the best cancer treatment in India, cancer survival rates are rising due to the accessibility of early detection technologies and patient care.

List Of Top Countries Addressing Quality Cancer Treatment

1.    India

India is one of the best destinations for treating conditions associated with cancer. The primary reason patients are inclined towards getting the best cancer treatment in India is the cost factor, which is cheaper when compared to treatments in foreign countries.

Globalisation has made the availability of medicines quicker. Leading hospitals, namely Max Healthcare, perform robot equipped surgeries that have made critical operations possible.

The primary treatment conducted is chemotherapy or radiation therapy if, initially, cancer is sensitive to radiation treatments. Apart from medical expert facilities, treatments in India have proper post-surgical patient care and affordable health insurance packages.

2.    Finland

Finland leads in terms of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Finland ranks higher at a consistent rate in treating significant types of cancer, which generally includes prostate cancer, breast cancer, adult brain cancer.

The cancer research statistics by Finland is the most cited research globally. In Finland, diagnosis and treatment ensure a survival rate of more than 5years. Patients are seeking high quality and better treatment from Finland through EU directives, which permits the European Union citizens to avail of healthcare facilities from another member state.

3.    Canada

Canada ensures cancer prevention through preventive screening programmes, apart from the best treatment and expert facilities. Western Canada has a higher survival rate of about 93% for prostate cancer and breast cancer cases than Eastern Canada.

Hospitals in Canada have constructive surgical care programs. These constitute recent evolution in cancer treatments, including radio-guided seed localisations explicitly meant for breast cancer and robot-equipped treatments.  

4.    USA

The United States of America has high survival rates in diseases like colon cancer and breast cancer. It is home to globally leading cancer experts with well-constructed facilities dedicated to cancer treatment.

The United States certainly has the best cancer treatment centres, including the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Abramson Cancer Center.

5.    Australia

Australian people highly suffer from specific cancer diseases like skin cancer, prostate cancer, colon and breast cancers due to fair skin tone and high UV radiations. Yet Australia maintains a lower mortality rate in cancer.

The planning and the policy meant for the hospital and healthcare authorities are top-notch because of which Australia also serves as a cancer treatment destination for patients globally.

The availability of the wellness centres offers comprehensive care to cancer patients, prioritises their comfort, and provides clinical psychological services. Hospital facilities in Australia also provide robot equipped surgeries for critical procedures.


Statistics provided by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) estimated that globally around 17 million new cancer cases were reported, along with approximately 9.5 million deaths in 2018. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, and by the year 2040, the facts and figures will be expanding exponentially.

But as long as there’s a will, there’s a way and the  best cancer treatment in India besides Finland, Canada, USA and Australia cater to your health requirements.

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