Top 10 Designer Scarves and Learn How to Style Them

It’s quite evident that not everyone can afford luxury designer pieces, but you love to save up to make a specific item yours, even if it takes a few months. Especially, when it comes to a beautifully designed and hand-illustrated scarf that you saw online or in an offline store. A designer scarf is an extremely versatile piece of accessory. You can style a single piece of fabric in multiple ways like a belt, headband, and even necktie. Moreover, you can tie it around your bag or even fold it in half to wear it like a trendy top.

So, before you invest in a gorgeous scarf, View more styles and ways to carry this versatile piece of fabric. Here are some of the common types of scarves available in the market that you can afford to miss:

Cotton Scarves: Thin printed or plain cotton such as voile is employed to make gorgeous scarves. Due to the lightweight factor of such fabrics, they are stunning as a summer accessory, and you can style them with different clothes. They stay in place and are ideal for tying in multiple styles.

Net Scarves: Net fabrics are perfect for making stylish scarves. You can choose delicate and smooth net fabric such as tulle rather than scratchy synthetic nets. Trims such as chains, laces, or sequins can be added to the edges to add more style to the scarf.

Chiffon Scarves: This kind of fabric is drapey, thin, and lightweight. These factors make the material better to tie around your neck without being bulky. Moreover, you can add trims such as lace at the short ends alone or all along the four sides.

Crinkled Crepe Scarves: This fabric is also widely known as crushed fabric. It has a perfect depth which makes it perfect for scarves of solid colors. Add some fringe trims for more texture.

Silk Scarves: Almost everyone knows that silk fabric is one of the most costly options for a scarf as it has a luxurious aura. You can find some of the best designer scarves made from hand-painted silk fabric. They are in demand and carry a premium vibe that enhances your entire look.

Velvet Scarves: As velvet is a relatively heavy and thick material, it can pile up, so employing the entire width of the fabric as a scarf is not a good idea. It’s better to use thin tube scarves in velvet.

Plaid scarf: It is a kind of woolen material with a chequered tartan pattern. It is a perfect scarf to wear in winter. Get a plaid scarf and add a cozy touch to your outfit.

Hand Knitted Woolen Scarf: It is one of the most common and loved scarf styles. A woolen scarf is carefully and beautifully hand-knitted by experts in numerous shapes and sizes before winter arrives. Keep in mind; nothing can ward off like a stylish woolen scarf.

Animal Print Scarf: Animal prints and patterns are extremely popular in scarf fashion these days. It adds a vibrant touch to your monochromatic outfit and enhances your look for the better. You can easily find animal print scarves in multiple colors and fabrics.

Fleece Scarf: This type of fabric is quite thick, and it does not fray. It is effortless to create a scarf out of this material. Plus, you can style a fleece scarf with various kinds of outfits as it goes well with everything.

In conclusion, a scarf is not necessarily a piece of clothing, but it also glams up your simple outfit. From timeless monogrammed patterns to artfully printed designs, you can find the best designer scarves online that are worth investing in and styling in multiple ways!

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