Top 7 ways to get more traffic on your blog

Initiating a blogging website or simply your blog is actually a very easy task nowadays. Once you initiate your blogs on a suitable platform, the next big challenge awaits you and that is drawing attention towards your blog. Since you’ve been working so hard on the quality content of your blog, it is the need of the hour to get serious about blog traffic as well.

After publishing a blog, the next step is promoting and generating traffic on it. But how will you do that? B knowing the right tactics you can do it easily and smartly. Many experts bogging guide are available such blogging guide by Neil Patel, you can check out those before starting.

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Let us discuss the top 7 ways to improve organic traffic on your blog:

Tip #1- Set up push notifications :

It enables you to keep in touch with the visitors of your site even after they have existed it. It also enables you to send popup notifications to your viewers on mobile or any other device. This will help in attracting more and more people towards your blog.

Tip #2Initiate audience friendly pages :

After creating your content, spend an ample amount of time in understanding the right type of spectators for your blog. Stick onto people who appreciate your content and are regular followers of your blogs and simultaneously it attracts new people towards your blog as well.

Tip #3 – Create everlasting content :

Try to create content that is suitable for all kind of age groups, sex and nationality. Something that suits all kind of human beings. That goes beyond the man made boundaries. Cool, funny, useful or educational – something that suits everybody. This will not limit your views but will enhance them by many times.

Tip #4 – know your genre :

Stick on to you are topic when you initiate blogging. Writing abstract articles aur blogs may confuse your audience if you don’t follow a a certain theme auto trend in your blogs. Get to know your audience, their interests and what they want to actually read about.

Tip #5 – Blog regularly :

Have a regular posting schedule with frequent posts. This helps in developing audience in an easy and quick way. Use advanced SEO tools to experience a greater audience interaction. Use best of keywords and get to writing at your best!

Tip #6 –  React on other blogs :

Blogging is all about interaction with others in online discussions. Find great sites and blogs of your interest and get to know them a bit. Leave a comment if required. This is a unique way to increase your readership.

Tip #7 –  Connect with your real life friends :

Encourage your family members and homies to read your blogs and react to them. Send them reminder text and mails about your blog. As they can share your blog to a whole new bunch of people, get hooked to them on updates. Let people know about your posts.

In the end…

The concluding remarks would be if you follow these steps you will surely gain a wider audience and a whole lot traffic on your blog. Also, if you are new in blogging then there are many beginners blogging guide are available which can help you to grow fast. When build your blogging website build it by following all the google guidelines to get good outcome in future.

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