Use of Machine Learning for SEO Competitors Research


To learn Python language has become an appetite of the SEO professionals. By keeping in mind this appetite of the SEO professionals, we should take advantage of the machine learning capabilities. After taking advantage of these machine learning capabilities, we should try to apply these capabilities in SEO. This thing will provide enough help in the competitor research. Moreover, we have to face some problems while doing the SEO of a website. When we will utilize machine learning for SEO, we can also address these problems. While using machine learning for SEO, we can also automate the analysis process. Here, we will discuss how to use machine learning for SEO competitor’s research.

Why We Need Machine Learning for SEO Competitors Research?

In the competitive market, we can use machine learning to analyze the SERPs. We can also use it to analyze the competitors of a business. After analyzing the competitors, we will know that what they are doing to achieve a higher ranking. In the past, we were using spreadsheets to gather useful data about the competitors. Different columns of the spreadsheets represent different things. Due to the limitations of Excel, we can’t extract all the things. Anyhow, if we use machine learning for SEO, we don’t have to face these problems. By using machine learning, we can get information about mobile SERPs, social media, page speed and personalized search etc.

How to Use Machine Learning to Uncover Competitor Secrets?

After getting the answer to this question, we will know about the advantages of machine learning for SEO. We should know that when we use it for the SEO of a website, we can join, transform, clean and model the data. It is the best way to gather data about Google rank. Different columns of machine learning may contain different kinds of information. In this information, there comes Google rank, page speed, internal page rank, sentiment and site depth etc. We can use it to uncover competitor secrets in the following ways;

Know the Most Predictive Drivers for Rank:

When you will use machine learning for SEO, you can get information about influential SERP features in the form of columns. It will show this information in descending order. At the upper places of the columns, you may get the most important information. After gathering this information, you will know about the SEO factors that you will have to pay more attention to. While getting this information, you should know that every industry is different. Therefore, it will provide different information for different websites. You will have to follow the SEO practices of your website.

Worth of a Ranking Factor:

If you are working on the SEO of your website, you will know that there are different ranking factors for a website. The understanding worth of different ranking factors is a real challenge for SEO professionals. When you will use machine learning for SEO, you will also get complete information about the worth of different ranking factors. For example, it provides information about the Meta description of a website. When you will make a unit change in the Meta description, it will lead to a decrease in the ranking of your website in the SERP. You may not get this accurate information by following manual processes.

Winning Benchmarks for Different Ranking Factors:

There are different winning benchmarks for different ranking factors of a website. Some SEO professionals don’t know about these ranking factors. When they will use machine learning for SEO, they can easily get an idea about the winning benchmarks for different ranking factors. For example, you can get useful information about the length of the title page. It will provide information about the title tag based on your industry. When we will take a deep dive into these SEO factors, we can get useful information about these winning benchmarks.

You Can Automate SEO Competitor Analysis Process:

According to a dissertation help firm, it is the most important application of machine learning while doing SEO competitors research. By using this application, we can easily split the A/B test. After splitting the A/B test, we can use it to drive the evidence-driven change requests. When we will use this application of machine learning, we can also get useful information about SEO processes. It is also the best tool to get snapshots of different SEO processes. It is also the best tool for the continuous stream of data collection. After gathering this useful information about SEPR, we will know what is happening in the industry.

To Gather SEO Purpose-Built Data:

By using this tool, we can easily combine the dashboard systems and data warehouse. It is also the best tool to ensure the availability of the data. By using this tool, we can also get lots of benefits. For example, we can use this tool to ingest the data from the best SEO tools. It is also the best tool to combine the data. We can also use machine learning to get surface insights. For example, you can gather useful data from the Google Data Studio.

Build Your Automated System:

When you will use machine learning for SEO, you can also build your automated system. To build your automated system, you may have to use AWS or GCP. For example, we can use it for the daily calling of the SEO API. It is also the best tool to clean and analyze the data by using machine learning. You can also use this tool to deposit the finished results in the data warehouse. To sum up, we can collect, analyze and visualize the data collection process in one place.


As we know that competitor research and analysis are the most important components of the SEO process. Its reason is that we have to control various ranking factors. For this reason, we have to gather a huge amount of data. While gathering a huge amount of data, we can’t use spreadsheet tools. That’s why we have to make use of machine learning for SEO. When we will use it for competitor research, we can easily find out the target variables. We can also gather useful information about the hypothesis of the ranking factors. It is also the best tool to get useful information about key drivers of the ranking factors.

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