Video Conferencing Done Right

Expected or successful outcomes can only happen with effective implementations. Similarly, if you wish to see the desired results of video conferencing in your organization, you need to implement it right…the way it should be!

Video conferencing is the necessary business communication tool of the 21st century. In fact, corporate surveys have long been hinting that video conferencing would soon become the most preferred choice of communication in business sector.

According to a survey, conducted by Redshift Research, it was found that over 50% of corporate personnel have participated n VC sessions at least once a week. The same research also found that 76% of the respondents used VC solutions at work.

Effective video conferencing has its many merits. For starters, it shatters the geo-graphical barriers that organizations have to face day in and day out. Secondly, by removing the geographical obstacles companies get to save up on traveling costs.

Apart from that, video conferencing allows participant to experience highest-level of clarity during boardroom and traditional meetings. After all, it gives a lifelike meeting experience because of its HD audio and video quality.

True Results of Effective Video Conferencing

Outcomes or results allow us to understand the real potential of the solutions or services we want. Same is true when it comes to video conferencing. To understand how successfully it delivers upon its promises, let’s take a quick look at some of the case studies.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid scale. To keep up with its rapid growth as well as to ensure timely care, it is important for the healthcare personnel to be swift in their work as well as communication.

According to a study, 65% of the doctors reported that they use VC solutions to collaborate with their colleagues and peers. The same study further reported that 28% of the doctors use video conferencing to communicate with their patients.

For effective care and treatment, it is imperative for healthcare industries as well as personnel to overcome the limitations of physical boundaries. Luckily, video conferencing is the perfect tool that allows them to do just that.

It was reported by Moffitt Cancer Center that the healthcare center was able to enhance the collaboration between medical teams as well as its international partners and affiliates by the effective implementation of video conferencing cloud solutions.

In fact, the healthcare center further reported that its IT department was able to shorten the video call setup time from an hour to a minute. The HR department also reported to improve the recruitment process by streamlining the interviews.

Business Sector

Video conferencing services and solutions were initially designed not for healthcare, industrial or other sectors but the business sectors. Well, other sectors later caught on the growing trend of VC.

As a result, video conferencing services have a lot to offer to the business sector which includes not only small and medium-size businesses but blue-chip organizations.

Regardless, an online training service provider, Nter One, was having trouble adjusting with the fast-paced happenings in its industry due to its outdated tech laurels. Since it needed some state-of-the-art innovation that would allow it to overcome its limitations and get ahead of its competitors, it introduced video conferencing to its workplace.

It was the effective implementation of the technology that allowed that company to penetrate new markets and audiences without investing a hefty capital. Moreover, the company was able to increase its annual revenue by 20%.

These are only two of the many case studies that have proved time and again how significant is video conferencing for different sectors around the globe.

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