visit to New Zealand?

All visitors who wish to travel to New Zealand by airline or cruise ship must get a visa. Only New Zealand and Australian passport holders are free from this. The cheapest, quickest, and easiest option to achieve this criterion is to apply for the NEW ZEALAND ETA online. Before applying, make sure you meet all of the restrictions, such as the 3-month maximum stay.


An electronic travel permit (visa waiver) for New Zealand is known as a NEW ZEALAND ETA. You will not need to visit the embassy to get a visa added to your passport if you apply for a NEW ZEALAND ETA online. NEW ZEALAND ETA is digitally connected to the passport after approval and may thus be compared to Australia’s ETA and Canada’s eTA. 

What is the online visa suited for?

Travel and tourism (including holidays and visiting friends or family)

Trips for business (including conferences, training and other gatherings)

In New Zealand, you can apply for both paid and unpaid positions.

Taking part in unpaid amateur sports

How long is the NEW ZEALAND ETA visa valid in New Zealand?

The validity period is two years, beginning on the date of approval. A single visa allows you to visit New Zealand an unlimited number of times. Each stay is limited to a maximum of three months in a row. You can stay in New Zealand for a total of 6 months during each 12 months.


The following are the specific requirements for the new Zeeland Tourist Visa application:

Intention to visit New Zealand for a limited time – no more than nine months.

Plan to depart New Zealand at the end of your visit.

You must be able to demonstrate that you can cover your healthcare costs.

Demonstrate your ability to cover the cost of the return or onward journey.

You must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support and accommodate yourself in New Zealand.

Evidence of strong ties to Thailand or compelling reasons for returning.

In the case of sponsorship,

Invitation letter (by a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident)

Sponsorship letter (by a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident)

Sponsor’s evidence of stable employment

Other relevant supporting documents for the application

New Zealand tourist visa does not allow you to work in the new Zeeland

The New Zealand tourist visa will enable you to visit New Zealand for a limited period. A new Zeeland tourist visa enables a person to travel to the New Zealand border and if granted permission to enter, to stay in the country.

It enables you to: 

Travel as a tourist

Visit friends or family

Participate in sports or cultural events for free.

Enter New Zealand to marry.

Take a short-term course of study.

Who are you allowed to include in your application?

In your application, you may include your partner and any dependent children. Their visitor visas will be subject to the same restrictions as yours; if they wish to study or work in New Zealand, they must apply for a student or work visa.

Your partner can be of the same or opposite gender, and they can be:

Your marital partner

Your civil union partner

Children who are dependent on you must be:

19 years old or less

Single, and if they are between 18 and 19, they must not have any children of their own. Completely or substantially reliant on you or your partner for financial support, whether they live with you or not.

There are distinct aspects to knowledge

GCC nations are required to provide a copy of a large -scale photograph provided from the UAEPeople living in the UAE with Abu Dhabi or Al-Ain have issued a visa residing in Dubai / Northern Emirates to provide a copy of the residence permit in their name (Tenancy agreement, electronic bill).

The visa is valid from the date of issue.

The Embassy / Consulate takes care of the requirements to request additional information.

Living with the subsidized fee does not guarantee the issuance of a visa.

Candidates are advised not to cancel their travel until their application is approved by the Indian Visa Application Center for the issuance of a valid visa.

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