What are the advantages of choosing the Ca Final Test Series?

The dream of every CA student is to pass the CA final exam, a process to test the student’s knowledge about Accountancy. To prepare, it has become common practice to carry out CA Final Test Series, which anticipate the conditions of the selection processes for students, but are not the definitive process.

ICAI offers the option of CA Final Test Series for the entrance exams. And they should, because these tests are a CA Final Test Series of the real CA exam. Thus, the student must do it as if he were actually taking the exam.

Below, we list 3 advantages of using CA Final Test Series!

Greater familiarity with the form of the exam

Taking a CA Final Test Series is a way to become familiar with the form of the CA exam, as this varies depending on who is responsible for preparing the exams. 

In the CA Final Test Series, the most discussed subjects covered by these exams are explored, the way the questions are elaborated, the language applied by them, the “pranks” that tend to “fall out” the most.

A CA Final Test Series offers questions from previous exams of the organization, presents the total of questions that the real exams will have and the same distribution of disciplines and subjects.

The best time control

Another advantage that deserves to be highlighted is the possibility of testing the time to solve the questions and fill in the template.

The CA Final Test Series allows the student to know the average time he spends to answer each question and the total time to answer all of them. He also learns the approximate time it takes to fill in the template.

The correct filling of the template is of fundamental importance. It cannot be crossed out and, if the student leaves it incomplete, that is, without marking one or more alternatives, this will be detrimental to their score.

Another common mistake when the template is filled in at the last minute is to mark wrong letters. Thus, the candidate may have marked the correct letter on the test and marked another letter on the template. What will count for the score will be the letter marked on the template?

When doing a CA Final Test Series, it is important that the person organizes to have enough free time to fill in the template carefully. This way, in the effective test, he will be more prepared to respond within the maximum time allowed.

Remember: there’s no point in doing a perfect test in 10 hours, you need to be able to do a good test in the allotted time!

Self-control (domain over emotions)

Another advantage of participating in a CA Final Test Series is that the candidate also prepares emotionally for the challenge he will face.

The truth is that the psychological side has a lot to do with resolving issues. Even if the person is well prepared with regard to disciplines, if he is very anxious, he will not be able to concentrate as he should or control the time (may take too long or do everything too quickly).

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