What Are The Top 3 Abu Dhabi Schools and Why should you choose them?


UAE’s Education Community has evolved exponentially over the years. And Abu Dhabi has always steered ahead by constantly innovating and expanding its knowledge in different sectors. The Ministry Of Education (MOE), Abu Dhabi expects the next generation to excel, become better individuals and support the country’s economic growth.

Today, with over 441 Abu Dhabi schools alone, offering up to 14 variants of curriculums. The Emirate has made world-class education facilities accessible for a diverse group of its residents.

The schools generally include the finest accommodations, equipped with cutting-edge technology, impressive curriculums, and varied extracurricular activities including sports, music, art, and dance.

And by implementing the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) that supervises the quality and growth of an institution. Getting a good review from such departments means the institution is ever-evolving their teaching methods, faculties, technology, and services.

Choosing the suitable Abu Dhabi school and preferred curriculums can be arduous for parents and guardians. Below mentioned are a few factors that you need to consider while choosing the right school for your child.

Factors Needed To Be Considered While Choosing The Right School:

  •     Curriculum: As mentioned above Curriculums offered in Abu Dhabi schools are diverse to fit the needs of every parent. And since Abu Dhabi is home to a lot of ex-pats, education for each community will be different. With over 14 various curriculums like the United Arab Emirates – Ministry of Education, American, Bangladesh, British, French, German, Indian, The International Baccalaureate (IB), Iranian, Pakistani, Italian, Japanese, Philippines, and SABIS.
  •     Tuition/School Fees: One of the main factors while considering school admission in Abu Dhabi is tuition. A fee budget that fits your requirements is fundamental. Generally, choosing quality education means paying a hefty price. With a lot of lower to mid-range schools adopting different teaching methods, building decent facilities and faculties, and focusing more on the students’ overall development, choosing a fine school for your child is mandatory.
  •     Other Factors: While considering the curriculum and fees of Abu Dhabi, school parents and guardians must also consider other factors like Location, Rankings, and Extracurricular activities that fit your preference.

Now that we’ve discussed Why you should choose an Abu Dhabi school and the factors needed to be considered while choosing the perfect School, let’s look at a list of the top 3 Abu Dhabi schools and what makes each one unique.

Abu Dhabi Schools:

Global International Indian School:

GlIS Abu Dhabi School is an institution that is always innovating its standard of education over its 22 worldwide campuses. And GIIS is constantly evolving and implementing top-notch facilities and activities that are recognized and highly rated by the ADEK.

Achieving their mission by nurturing their students into fine individuals who will lead, excel in different parts of their lives and care for their surroundings is their main goal. At GIIS, they believe a student will only learn this when given freedom, build values and virtues, develop their sense of self and creativity, and overall development.

GIIS has a combination of both the Montessori method of learning for Kindergarten students and the CBSE curriculum for primary and high school students which makes it a well-rounded space for learning. The curriculum follows the same message of mission i.e. nurturing students into independent and kind humans and entails different languages like French, English, Arabic, and Hindi. They also offer extracurricular activities that develop artistic skills in the fields of Music, Dance, Art, and crafts.

Alongside that, this Abu Dhabi school caters to different activities, clubs, and competitions that encourage the students to put everything they’ve learned to the test. Their faculty comprises qualified teachers and assistants that support and encourage every student’s trials and achievement.

Global International Indian School admissions in Abu Dhabi are open for children from Lower Kindergarten to 12th Grade. As well as scholarships that are offered on your child’s academic and extracurricular results.

Aldar Academies, Al Muna Academy:

Opened in the September of 2009, Al Muna Academy is a highly recognized British curriculum school in Abu Dhabi. It has consistently received an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the ADEK. Al Muna Academy offers classes from Nursery to Grade 6 along with a rich, varied curriculum, first-class facilities, and faculties that promise to instill independence, core values, and a commitment to contribute to society.

When asked why choose Al Muna Academy? They answer with three points that make them unique. Their Purpose, to empower and shape future generations; Their Promise, to invoke the love for learning through accessible yet high standards of education and lastly; Their Values, Excellence, Creativity, Passion, Respect, and Collaboration.

At Al Muna Academy, the curriculum encourages students to have a creative and imaginative approach towards their academic work and equip tools and skills that help them grow into innovative, independent leaders and team workers.

Facilities like a large astroturf, swimming pool, library, multi-purpose hall and gym, and creative outdoor play areas and spacious classrooms make the school a cozy institution focusing mainly on their students’ comfort. 

Horizon Public School-Branch:

Following an American curriculum, Horizon Public School-Branch caters a co-education to its students. Adopting the Common Core State Standards, HPS-Br serves students from KG1 to Grade 12 with over 1700 students from all over the city.

Horizon Public School-Branch offers a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Not only that, HPS-Br focuses mainly on their students’ personal development and expression.

The Kindergarten and Elementary class curriculum focuses on the child’s individual growth by introducing a balanced number of academic subjects and extracurricular learning. Through cross-curricular integration, students obtain knowledge about Emirati culture. Their extracurricular activities entail learning different languages like English, Arabic, and French; participating in different sports; experimenting in laboratories; learning origami; dance and so much more.

From Middle school to High School, HPS-Br introduces the students to more subjects including social science, science, and art and centralizes the student’s growth, and starts building independent individuals. In High School, students are prepared for their SAT and IELTS/TOEFL examinations. It is also mandatory for students of Grade 10 to excel in the PSAT tests.

Horizon Public School-Branch truly makes an excellent institution for American curriculum learning.

Title: What Are The Top 3 Abu Dhabi Schools and Why should you choose them?

Description: Choosing the suitable Abu Dhabi school and preferred curriculums can be arduous for parents and guardians. Below mentioned are a few best abu dhabi schools that you choose for your child.

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