What Is the Future of Blockchain Technology?
The Future of Blockchain Technology Looks Bright

Blockchain is a trending topic that everyone seems to be interested in these days. For those
who don’t know what this invention is, it is a digital ledger which is used to record the details of
every financial and non-financial transaction. This record is transparent which means that
anyone who has access to the ledger can view the transactions made. It is a combination of
three different technologies, P2P network, private key cryptography, and the program.
Blockchain’s Impact on the Financial Sector
Blockchain has already impacted positively on the financial sector. For instance, it has helped
save a lot of time for the people working in this field. This invention simply reduces a significant
amount of time that is taken for processing and validating transactions. Plus, it operates on a
distributed database which makes the operations extremely smooth and ensures tight security.
This means that the financial data will be secured from online attacks.
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The Future of Blockchain
Apart from the financial sector, you can expect blockchain to positively affect other fields as
well. Let’s delve deeper into this topic and explore how this technology will shape the future.

1. Role of Blockchain in Digital Advertising

There are different challenges associated with digital advertising such as domain fraud, no
transparency, bot traffic, and inefficient payment models. Because of such issues, publishers
and promoters don’t feel much confident when it comes to digital advertising. However, that is
quickly changing thanks to blockchain. This technology has provided transparency to the supply
chain, allowing the right companies to succeed while diminishing the number of bad players at
the same time.

2. Government Will Offer Their Digital Currencies

Everyone took notice when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017. It is one of the most
appreciated properties in the world. Considering how fast the value of Bitcoin is increasing,
there is no doubt a demand for the currency. Due to this, a few governments across the globe
might introduce its own digital currency so it might compete with Bitcoin in an open market and
simultaneously avoid dropping face to unregulated and independent property.

3. Adjacent Technologies will Combine with Blockchain

It is predicted that different adjacent technologies will combine with blockchain to allow one to
do things that previously might not be possible. When this is done then you can expect your
data no matter how confidential it is to be safe from any outside threats. Plus, this technology

will allow you to audit every measure in the decision-making process. It will yield better insights
which will be driven by the information stored.

4. Eliminating the Need for Third Parties & Help in Forecasting

As mentioned earlier, blockchain makes each and every transaction transparent. Hence, this will
eliminate the need for third parties that provide the same feature. In addition, this technology
would completely change the methodology for consulting, research, analysis, and forecasting.

5. Cyber & Cloud Security

Blockchain will also ensure cybersecurity. Even though it is a public ledger but the data is
verified and encrypted through innovative cryptography technology. This will prevent the attacks
from happening. Also, since the cloud is a centralized server, it can be easily exposed to
hacking which can cause your data to be stolen. However, this technology can help make cloud
storage more secure.
Blockchain has a lot of advantages that cannot be ignored. It has a great future in not only the
finance sector but also others mentioned above. Plus, this technology has a lot of potential to
create jobs in the market. You can also use this invention to perform different transactional
activities much faster and securely. What’s more? Blockchain can be used to ensure the safety
of cloud storage that can help save your data from getting leaked. So, if you want to ensure the
security of your data then consider focusing on the blockchain instead of enjoying your
Spectrum cable TV. Why? Because the security of your data matters!

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