What to Consider When Relocating an Office?

Most businesses will relocate their office at some stage. It might be because they are expanding and need more space or perhaps they want to move to a cheaper area to cut their overheads. Whatever the reason for it, an office relocation is a big task to take on and there are a lot of details to work out. 

If you want to minimize the disruption to your business and settle into your new office quickly, these are some of the most important things to consider during the relocation process. 

Your Budget 

Your budget is the first thing you need to look at because an office relocation can be expensive and costs quickly add up. Delays during the move, oversights on smaller costs, and unexpected issues like breakages can all push the relocation over budget. Whoever is managing the relocation needs to draw up a clear budget at the beginning of the process and then review costs throughout to ensure that you are still within budget. When writing an initial estimate, always put extra money in the budget to account for any delays or unexpected circumstances. 

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Communicating The Move 

When you move to a new office, certain people need to know, so think about how you are going to communicate the move. Updating the information page on your website is one of the easiest ways to do that, but you should also get in touch with certain people directly. You can use email or postal campaigns, for example, to notify people. Make sure to change the address on business listings on Google and update institutions like your bank etc. 

Failing to notify service providers in advance is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make during a move. Internet and phone providers, as well as gas and electricity suppliers, will usually have notice periods. If you don’t tell them about the move early enough, you may have to pay for a few extra weeks. 

IT Systems 

The majority of modern businesses are reliant on IT systems, so getting them set up as quickly as possible is a primary concern during a relocation. Consider the logistics of moving all of the hardware like computers and servers etc. Speak to internet providers well in advance so it’s ready to go on the day that you move in. Often, it’s best to move all of the IT equipment first and get an IT team to set everything up while you finish the rest of the movie. 

Relocation Services 

The most important thing to consider is the office relocation services London that you will use. Finding a professional relocation service with a lot of experience in commercial moving will make the whole process far less stressful for you. Make sure that you compare a range of different services to find a qualified one that can handle all of the difficulties of the move for you. 

That you must consider during the office relocation process if you want it to run smoothly. 

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